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I’m a passionate hardcore MMO gamer. My particular interests include PvP, theorycrafting, completionism, game mechanics, exploration, and lore. I have been playing MMOs since EverQuest, which introduced me to the genre shortly before the release of Ruins of Kunark. The game which largely defined my attitudes as an MMO player was Dark Age of Camelot, which I played for nearly 7 years.

While EQ nurtured a love for exploration and adventure and DAoC set the industry standard for PvP, my time in both World of Warcraft and RIFT introduced me to competitive raiding and PvE progression. All of these experiences have defined me as a gamer, and while I have spent time playing many other MMOs, these four games most closely describe my ideology and perception of the genre.

 My MMO History

EQ / DAoC / SWG / WoW / AoC / DDO / WAR / RIFT / SWtOR / GW2

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any thoughts, comments, suggestions, or concerns!

Welcome to Tamriel Foundry

Welcome to Tamriel Foundry
Welcome to Tamriel Foundry, a new Elder Scrolls Online community site dedicated to theory-crafting, mechanics, guides, and discussion. The coming months are certain to be full of exciting announcements concerning the MMO, and we hope to be a valuable source of game coverage for the […]