Isarii on Tales of Tamriel, ep. 133

tales_of_tamriel_episode_133Hype thrusters are set to maximum after The Elder Scrolls Online‘s first expansion was announced earlier this week, so I’m headed back to Tales of Tamriel for what’s certain to be some lively discussion on what we learned about the game’s future.

We’ll be doing a quick run down of all of the week’s Tamrielic news before jumping headlong into speculation, controversy, and hype mongering over everything Morrowind will bring to the game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Tales of Tamriel is the inceptive podcast of the Dungeon Crawler Network and one of the Elder Scrolls Online‘s longest running fan endeavors, which has been a fixture of the game’s community since as early as its alpha phase.

04, Feb. 2017 at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST / 23 GMT

We will be recording the show live on the podcast’s YouTube and Twitch streaming channels this upcoming Sunday. We’ll be paying close attention to the chat, so come hang out and share your thoughts to get our responses in real time.

Welcome to Tales of Tamriel! An Elder Scrolls Online podcast brought to you by The Dungeon Crawler Network that focuses on storytelling and the game play experiences of the hosts. Our goal is to entertain the community with our experiences in the game and hopefully get people interested in forming their adventures in the Elder Scrolls universe!


Watch the Recording!

If you miss the stream, don’t worry; I’ll be updating this article with the full recording after the show.


The Dungeon Crawler Network

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Dungeon Crawler Network and their Tales of Tamriel Podcast, here’s where to find them:

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