ESO News with Elloa: 9 October, 2016

ESO News with Elloa is a series designed to inform you about the latest changes to ESO announced by ZeniMax through patch notes, interviews, “Road Ahead” articles, ESO Live streams and more. I try to gather as much information as possible and summarize it in a concise monthly video series; ESO NEWS, everything about The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited you need to know!

ESO News – 9 October, 2016

Show Notes

  1. Housing
  2. One Tamriel Feedback
  3. Trip of a Lifetime
  4. Various Lifetime
  5. Crown Store
  6. Shout Out of the Week

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    There are definitely some interesting things on the horizon. Thank you for sharing it.

    e pluribus unum

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    Ebonheart Nightblade

    Accursed Legion

    so far all i see is “Requesting charac

    ter load…”

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Definitely definitely DEFINITELY excited about player housing. Been on my mind for a while now. I enjoy when they include some type of housing for players in certain MMOs. Hopefully they do this one right.

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    Altmer Templar

    Hey Elloa, can you please share the link of the funny video you tell about in the shout of the week?

    Grungebr ( PS4 / NA ) – Altmer Templar

    Tolkienn ( PC / NA ) – Dunmen DragonKnight

    For the Pact!


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