ESO News with Elloa: 12 September, 2016

ESO News with Elloa is a series designed to inform you about the latest changes to ESO announced by ZeniMax through patch notes, interviews, “Road Ahead” articles, ESO Live streams and more. I try to gather as much information as possible and summarize it in a concise monthly video series; ESO NEWS, everything about The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited you need to know!

ESO News – 12 September, 2016

Show Notes

  1. One Tamriel
  2. PvE
  3. PvP
  4. Duels
  5. Crown Boxes
  6. Crown Store
  7. Shout Out of the Week

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    Khajiit Templar

    Another great video @Elloa! A lot of exciting stuff to look forward to – One Tamriel is pretty much the update I’ve been asking for since early beta, so I can’t wait until it hits the live servers.

    As for the lockboxes… yeah. It’s really a shame when the cash shop’s reward systems seem better developed than the actual game’s. Appreciated your nod to my appearance on Tales of Tamriel – I think you did a great job of summarizing my concerns.

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