Secrets of Tamriel

In the world of Tamriel there are tons of secrets to be discovered – from hidden quests to secret locations. Many players only go from town to town on quest rails and end up missing many secrets hidden in the world around them. Below are just a few of the many secrets that can be found hidden in The Elder Scrolls Online.

wayrest thugsWayrest Criminals

Throughout Wayrest there are many criminals who take no pity on the citizens of this city. From the back alleys near the temple to the docks of Wayrest there can be found many criminals assaulting the good citizens of Wayrest while the guard do nothing but sit back and watch. Will you step up and retrieve the stolen goods from these bandits and do what the guard cannot?

The Rivenspire Mage

Rivenspire is a very harsh land with jagged landscape and many different paths that will lead you to many exciting locales. One such location is the Westmark Door Dolmen called from Coldharbour by those worshipers of Molag Bal. Just off to the side of this dolmen lies an aggressive named mage who will attack on sight. The story of who this mage is and where he came from can be found in his journal.

The Ashlander Merchant

The home of the Ashlanders lies deep in the Ebonheart Pact territory of Stonefalls. One such Ashlander can be found behind the entrance to Softloam Cave. This particular merchant is unique as he carries some special merchandise that cannot be found by any other merchant. Where will this item take you?

The SoothsayerThe Soothsayer

When most players head to the Skywatch mages guild they fail to realize there is a back door. This oft’ overlooked exit leads to a balcony with a soothsayer on top. When spoken to, this soothsayer asks what you value most: adventure, beauty, or knowledge. Each answer leads you to a different story; which will you choose?

Fisherman’s House of Grahtwood

In the very north of Grahtwood, there is a lone house with nobody around. What lead to the disappearance of this dwelling’s inhabitants and who is responsible can be discovered by searching the home and reading the journals left behind.

Caves of Grahtwood

Throughout Grahtwood there are many caves that run beneath the surface, each with their own secrets. One such cave that many explorers miss runs beneath the crafting station of Vineshade Lodge, with no markings on the game’s map to denote its existence. Head South-East of the crafting station to find the entrance to hidden cave.

crystals correctly alignedCraglorn Crystal Chest

Outside of Shada’s Tear there is a tribe of goblins who have stolen a collection of murky and clear crystals from the mounts which dot the landscape of their camp. After collecting the crystals from the goblin tribe place them in their proper crystal holder and light the flame at the north end of their camp to summon the buried treasure. Fail at placing the correct crystal in it’s proper location and you will have to fight the guardian of the treasure.

Ferindale, the Friendly Fox

In the far south of Craglorn, a den of scorpions makes their residence. What makes this locale interesting is not so much the scorpions, but the fennec fox “Ferindale the Friendly” who runs around the area. This fox cannot be targeted or killed and disappears a short while after appearing.

sheogorath's shrine 1Shrine to Sheogorath

Just east of Firebrand keep in Stormhaven there is a house that is not marked on any map. Inside lays many insane sights including a shrine to Sheograth himself. Why is this house abandoned and who is responsible for it? We might never know.

Imperial City Tavern, Store, and Sewer

Throughout the Imperial Cities upper districts there lay many locations that are untouched by the deadra where the current residents of the city have found refuge. In the Arena district, along the wall to the Arboretum District is what remains of a bar called The Rusty Nail.

While in the Arboretum District on the northeastern side there is an entrance to a forgotten sewer that remains unconnected the vast network of tunnels that run beneath the city.

The final place the resistance can find shelter in the ruined city is an old food store found in the Market District. Hopefully this helps those who seek shelter from their enemies in their time of need.

Skeleton event - sewersThe Imperial City Sewers Skeleton Event

Deep in the bowels of the Imperial City sewers there are many rituals being performed by the daedra of Molag Bal. Some seek to revive the dead or even to summon a visage of Molag Bal himself. Just off the center of the sewers, where the daedra have a stronghold under the white gold tower, in the Ebonheart Pact claimed area there is a small corridor which leads to a strange ritual where dremora summon wave after wave of skeletons to fight any who attempts to intervene. Do you dare to take the challenge of stopping these necromancers before their ritual is complete?

Spoiled Food

Throughout the Imperial City you will find that many of the citizens took off with food still on the table as they tried to desperately escape the city as it was being overrun by daedra. Being as there are tons of warriors fighting back the daedra of the Imperial City they are sure to be some that go hungry and forget to bring food. Are brave enough to try these literal spoils of war?

Grievous Ward

After completing the quest for the Imperial City Prison you are granted the ‘Grievous Ward’. This shield is unique in that it’s flavor text is much more than just flavor. When equipped, the spirit of the Lord Warden of the Imperial City, trapped within the shield, will talk to and taunt the player who wears the shield. No other item except one quest item in Grahtwood shares this functionality, making it a unique curiosity to hold onto.


These are just some of the secrets that I have found in ESO. What secrets will you find in the world of Tamriel? If you discover any secrets not mentioned here comment below – and remember: blessed are those who walk the unbeaten path.


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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Very nice list. I indeed missed the Fetish Quest in Stonefalls, was nice to get back there. Do you know of more quest that are started this way? I think that even one of the loading screen texts is mentioning it.

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Entropy Rising

    There may be more hidden areas and quests not covered here. There where several areas I deliberately left out as they deal with cut content that I will be writing about in the future.

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Interesting, looking forward to your next articles!

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    Khajiit Templar

    I really enjoy this kind of world building that it isn’t done with a giant arrow directing you the content. It’s something the core TES games have always been great at it, and it really encourages players to keep their eyes open and pay attention while they’re exploring the game world.

    I’ve actually noticed a whole lot of this kind of thing in World of Warcraft‘s recent expansions (starting out in MoP, but mostly in WoD and Legion). Would love to see take hold in other games throughout the genre, as it just leads to a much more immersive game world.

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    Imperial Dragonknight

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this, I’m going to hunt down a few of these hidden secrets tomorrow.

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    Great Post!
    It’s fun to discover some of these, sometimes without even realizing it.
    I received the shield ” Grievous Ward” during one foray with my nightblade and just left it in the bank since he doesn’t run with a shield. Later after equipping it to a DK I started hearing random voices challenging me wherever I went with that character, it was fun figuring out what i had picked up and that is was channeling the spirit of a pretty mad Daedra!

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    Imperial Templar

    How do you find this stuff!


    ”Exemplary Templarly”

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    Is Craglorn Crystal Chest quest still active? ..’ve been unable to place crystals – all crystal holders seem occupied already. Anyone a hint on how to complete it?

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    Nord Dragonknight

    Very usefull list!!! Thanks

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