Updated ESO Blacksmithing Guide

I’m excited to announce a major update to our ESO Blacksmithing Guide on Tamriel Foundry, courtesy of the wonderful @Teva. Many of you may be already familiar with Teva’s work, she is the leader of the Sunshine Daydream guild on the North American PC Megaserver. In her own words:

Although my name is Laura, I am better known to friends and to those I meet online by the nickname Teva which I’ve used since 2002. Outside of gaming I enjoy photography and writing and trips into the mountain forests. I live in Oregon with my long-time partner Kaibeth. I’m relatively new to Elder Scrolls Online, arriving in Tamriel in December, 2015; before that most of my gaming time was in Dungeons & Dragons Online (since December, 2009). I’m the leader of a deadhead/hippie guild known as Sunshine Daydream in both games.


Visit the New ESO Blacksmithing Guide

This newly updated guide is only a single excerpt from a set of incredibly complete guides detailing everything a player needs to know about crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online. The guide is intended primarily to help new players quickly master the game’s crafting system, but even veterans players may find it to be a useful resource.

Many thanks to Tevalaur for sharing her work with the Tamriel Foundry community. If you find this guide useful, definitely check out the rest of her excellent ESO guides available on her guild website! We hope to collaborate more with Teva in the future to share her awesome guides and insights with the ESO community.

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    Khajiit Templar

    Awesome work!

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    Bosmer Nightblade

    Great guide. Thanks!

    No sir. In time, the world will see that it is you who is the Milksopp.

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Entropy Rising

    Good to see someone else picking this up.

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    Imperial Sorcerer

    Entropy Rising

    Vixx said on June 16, 2016 :

    Good to see someone else picking this up.

    Totally agree, I’m really happy to see some old (and outdated) content getting a big new update.

    Maybe if we’re all super nice we can persuade @Vixx to consider an enchanting update ;)

    Founder, creator, and developer of Tamriel Foundry.


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    Awesome Guide!

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    Orc Templar

    Such great content! Makes me wish I was a PC player. Thank you for these gems of info!

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