TES: Legends Beta Starts Today

TES Legends Preview

Exciting news! The TES: Legends closed beta has been announced, and it’s beginning today. The signups for the beta are already live, so click here to sign up now for your chance to get in on the testing.

For those who don’t know, TES:Legends is a digital trading card game similar to Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, and is the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise.

The title was originally revealed at E3 last year, and today’s announcement is the first new information we have received since then. If the quick turn around we saw for the release of Fallout: Shelter is anything to go by, the full release should be just around the corner.

Game Features

TES: Legends takes cues from its predecessors in the TCG genre, while making its own unique mark to help it stand out from the competition:

  • Solo and vs Arenas
  • Storymode: a brand new adventure in the Elder Scrolls universe
  • Five Attributes, two of which you can use in building your deck
  • Two lanes for twice the strategy
  • Collect many different cards to build your personal dream team
  • Meet many of the characters who appeared in other Elder Scrolls titles, such as Gortwog, Ayrenn, and even Odahviing.

Gameplay Reveal

Along with the closed beta announcement, there was also a short video reveal giving players a first look at the gameplay that is yet to come, going over the basics of TES: Legends’ unique rules.

Pax East

If you do not get into the closed beta, fear not, as TES: Legends will be showcased at Pax East for attendees. For those going to Pax East, feel free to share your experiences below, but as the beta is under and NDA, please refrain from posting any beta experiences that would violate that agreement. .

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    As a veteran MTG physical card player, it is somewhat exciting to see the entrance of a TES themed trading card game. But the timing of the beta is a bit late after its initial announcement, and I think that interests may have waned. Overall, the market is quite competitive as it is, and many of its competitors can call upon a larger player base accumulated over a decade or more…something that TES: Legends cannot reliably (Bethesda’s TES is still a niche compared to Blizzard’s and Wizard’s universes). So, I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up about having any large-scaled Hearthstone or MTG-esque competition even if it does make it to a formal launch.

    That said, I’ll be looking into this and I hope to be proven wrong.

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