ESO Launches for Console!

Console players have taken their first steps into Tamriel.

Console players have taken their first steps into Tamriel.

The long awaited Elder Scrolls Online console launch arrived this week with rolling midnight releases unleashing a horde of new players into Tamriel for the first time alongside veteran PC players who have made the jump to console as part of ZeniMax’ character copy program. The console launch has generally gone smoothly apart from some initial login server congestion which was to be expected given the volume of new players attempting to simultaneously access the game. This marks an exciting milestone for the ESO community as we welcome thousands of new members into the fold.

Reactions from new players have been very positive and ESO has soared into the top 10 games by viewership on Twitch for two days in a row. While this wave of popularity will inevitably subside, the quality and polish of the console version of the game makes it arguably best-in-class for the massively-multiplayer genre on console platforms. It’s an exciting time for the community and I hope you will join me in acknowledging the effort that has gone into achieving this goal.


Congratulations to the ZeniMax Team

I think it’s important to congratulate the entire ZOS team on the successful console launch. You’ve all been working hard on making the game’s first impression with the console community an extremely positive one and we have seen plenty of evidence of that effort paying off. I hope the positive feedback you are hearing from your players gives you energy and motivation to continue the great work you’ve done so far.

Longtime Tamriel Foundry followers will know that I have not held personal interest in the console expansion of ESO; but I can easily acknowledge the value it has brought to the game and I think it’s commendable that the console version looks so polished and has its own aesthetic identity that sets it above a mere PC port.

We know your hard work on the console updates has slowed the continued growth of the PC game experience but it’s reassuring to me to see a reminder of the development and artistic talent you have at ZOS that gives me great hope for the future. You are capable of gaming greatness with ESO and I can’t wait to see Tamriel continue to grow, challenge, and amaze us.

On behalf of myself and the Tamriel Foundry community, congratulations and thanks for all that you do!

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    Breton Dragonknight

    I’m happy consoles have had good reviews. Shows the strides this game has made. They are definitely getting a fleshed out product. I’m interested how much better PvP will run.

    To be honest though, now I’m just waiting daily to see when and what their next patch will be.

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    I’ve had a great time exploring Tamriel with the PS4 community! They are welcoming and enjoyable! ^.^


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    Altmer Sorcerer


    Been helping people out on XBOXone and they are really enjoying the game.  Most of them played Skyrim and are now trying to figure their way through ESO.

    Most still find it strange they cant just steal a horse….. :-)

    Been a very positive experience so far and I am liking the voice chat system

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    Dunmer Nightblade

    I’m enjoying the console so far despite some of the more difficult trading and whatnot. Having to leave area chat everytime I go to craft to avoid someone randomly playing music and the dozen “Yo! Anyone want to but a motif?” isn’t too big a deal though.

    I will say that I miss FTC more than anything from the PC. That base UI is just a bit sparse for determining best skills and whatnot.

    Overall it’s a good experience though.

    I cast flare!

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    I am loving the console. I have been waiting for this game to come to consoles for years and with it finally here i couldnt be happier. And the community that this game has brought together is amazing, aside from the occasional scammer.

    We know

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Absolutely loving the console! It really feels like the perfect games for me :D

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    Redguard Nightblade

    I came to ps4 expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised good group of mature fun players and having a blast

    only really wish consoles had add ons

    my tamriel combat feel naked now

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    Bosmer Nightblade

    Hey Guys – Is there much difference between the PC and Console version of ESO, I know the UI is different, but what about Hireling and other in game set-ups?


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    Altmer Templar

    The Finders of Elsweyr (NA)

    The Console is amazing! The only problem is when the system chat not my fortea when I come into one area and I hear a bunch of yelling people let me tell you! IT gets annoying! I love it though it runs smoothly and the game is absolutely amazing definitely worth the one year wait!

    δNadia TorntoΔ

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    Yeah, I played PC for the full length, until console came out, on a potato so it’s good to finally be competitive and not have to worry about the specs of your machine.

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    It’s even worse when that is the only way you can talk to your groups that are larger than 8 people and it doesn’t even work half the time.

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    Argonian Sorcerer

    Missing out on the console version of ESO, meh.. I’ll wait until I can afford a PS3/4.. lol

    ”Pew, pew, pew” goes the white argonian as he murders a random potato.

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