Unearthing the Hidden Side of Tamriel

The sword, Trueflame, is a rare and unique curiosity

The sword, Trueflame, is a rare and unique curiosity

Hello Tamriel Foundry, Benefactor here to bring you some insight into the hidden side of ESO. This is first of hopefully a series of articles revealing secrets about the world of Tamriel covering everything from hard-to-obtain items to hidden quests and locales.

In this first article I wanted to showcase a variety of items that were, at one point, obtainable in ESO but are no longer able to be acquired in the game despite still existing in the world. While the items on this list are unobtainable by normal means many of them can still be traded from player to player, making them both rare and potentially valuable for their novelty factor. As many know the Elder Scrolls games often appeal to hoarders, if you’re interested in getting any of the items below ask around town and you may find someone who still has them.


Forward Camps

The most widely known item that can no longer be obtained is the forward camp. Forward camps are items for use in Cyrodiil that can be used to resurrect a limited number of players at an advanced position closer to where fighting is happening. There have been several mechanical and balance-related issues with forward camps, such as the lag resulted from large battles in Cyrodiil and griefing through setting up forward camps where they where not needed making it impossible to set them up where they were actually required. ZeniMax states that the current removal of forward camps is only temporarily and that these items may return in the future. For the time being the forward camps that remain in the game have been locked into the inventory of the player that currently has them and cannot be traded or placed in the bank.


Mercenary Contracts

Mercenary Contracts are another artifact from PvP that allowed you to place mage or warrior guards at keeps and resources to help you defend against attackers. Each guard had a limited duration it would remain before it disappeared, and these guards occupied siege spots at the particular keep. During patch 1.2 the mercenary contract merchant was removed from Cyrodiil because of how overpowered the mercenaries could be in certain situations as well as a number of exploits that were discovered which resulted in generating an almost infinite number of NPC guards. This was originally stated to be a temporary change but six months later they have not been added back into the game. The contracts that where bought before the removal of the merchant that sold them can still be traded between players in game.


Lire and Jaedi Essense Runes

jaedi-runeWhile those who follow the adventures of the enchanting hireling Melina Cassel may have heard of an extremely rare rune called a “Celerity Rune” which holds secrets yet to be discovered, you may not know that there are two runes that used to be given by hirelings that actually exist within the game. These essence runes do not hold any secret hidden power but instead bestow a random effect to any glyph that is made using them. They also cannot be translated to generate discovery experience. As there are likely only exist a very few of these runes still left in the world and the relatively uselessness of the runes sketchy at most, their primary value stands as a mere curiosity.


Collector’s Coinblade

collectors-coinbladeThis unique named sword is an ordinary Dunmer two-handed sword with a poison enchantment. The unique feature of the blade besides the name is the description on the item which states ‘A mysteriously collectible and sought-after piece, despite being worth next to nothing’. Thousands of these blades used to exist but unfortunately most where either destroyed or sold for gold during the early days of ESO. Today it would be very rare to see one of these blades held by anybody in game as the low level quest that rewards it has been removed from the game. The original quest “New In Town”, took place as players emerged right off the boat in Auridon, requiring players to collect debt from the many low-lives around the port of Vulkhel Guard on behalf of Malareth, a local loan shark. The quest was quite buggy, preventing many players from completing it, so ZeniMax took it out of the game. A message in the patch notes states “Malareth has been run out of Vulkhel Guard for the time being, but she vows to return at a later date.” So far she has been gone over half a year and has not returned so it looks as if the quest will not be making a return unlike other quests such as “The Racer” or “Hand Made Guardian” which were removed but later fixed and returned to the game.



Trueflame is a unique sword in the lore of the Elder Scrolls that used to be the personal sword of Indoril Nerevar during the first era, a famous chimer general who died at Red Mountain fighting the Dwemer. During early access of ESO, Trueflame was able to be fished out of the water in Stonefalls as a level one sword. It’s appearance in ESO uses as a unique model that is not found on any other motif or random weapon. Unfortunately for those who wish to collect these rare artifacts they were all Bind on Pickup, so those that remain in the world cannot be traded. There is hope in the future that this weapon and other artifacts from Elder Scrolls lore will make an appearance in future game updates.


Miscellaneous Loot – The River of Names

riften-quest-trashDuring the quest “River of Names” just east of Riften, you used to be able to pick up several unique items along with the items you needed to complete the quest. These items are useless and, besides their unusual descriptions, totally worthless. They where removed without mention around patch 1.4. Below is the listed trash items from the quest along with their descriptions.

  • Book of Poetry – This bound collection of famous Breton sonnets has a partial copy of “The Lusty Argonian Maid” folded between two pages.
  • Empty Wine Bottle – this wine bottle is empty.
  • Broken Shovel – this shovel is broken off at the haft
  • Crumpled Letter – the writing on this note is obscured with blood.
  • Soiled Linens – these linens are soiled with sweat and blood.
  • Tarnished Wedding Band. – currently unknown


Collectible Pets

While most of the above items became exclusive as a result of circumstance, there is one group of items which were intended to be exclusive from the beginning, pets! Of the 11 pets in game right now only three are limited. The Imgakin Monkey, the Scuttler, and the Bristlegut Piglet. The Imgakin Monkey is a tan monkey pet that was given away for participation in any of the ESO beta events. Only players who participated in beta can get this pet. The second pet is the Scutter, a small bi-pedal lizard, which was given for pre-ordering the game and came with the Explorers Pack. Finally the Bristlegut Piglet was the 2014 exclusive pet that was given away at QuakeCon and Pax Prime last year as well as through official ZeniMax giveaways. We can probably expect a new exclusive pet again this year so keep your eyes peeled for information about which events ZeniMax will be attending along with promotional events and contests. As pets are added to your account through codes they are account bound and as such are limited by the amount of codes available so if you don’t have one yet try to get one before they are all gone.


Food Ingredients

Soon with ESO Update 6 coming later this month, many of the food ingredients which currently exist in the game will become obsolete and may possibly be removed. According to a ZOS employee on the official forums, “Your Provisioning ingredients may be going stale, but they won’t be useless. The ingredients that will no longer be used will be clearly marked as ‘Old’, and they will sell to vendors for gold.” So any collectors out there that want to get ahead of the game on collecting stale food better stock up now before the new patch drops!

I have covered all of the items that are currently known to me in this list, but there may be many more that I know nothing of. There also may be many new items that will become unavailable each patch so keep a look out in the future for more unobtainable items. If you know of any items I missed please feel free to mention them in the comments below. Also make sure to watch Erlex’s stream for giveaways relating to this article. I will be providing one each of both Lire and Jaedi runes along with two Aldmeri Mage Mercenary Contracts for giveaways in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the comment section below for exact details on when and how to enter the giveaway!

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Entropy Rising

    This is a cool write-up.  I want True Flame now!  (Also wishing I had saved my rune stones, I had a few of each of those way back)

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    Ah yes, I’ve still got some of these on my mules. That said, they should really just make these bind on pickup to eliminate an informal economy that is based on these ‘rares’. Should future updates bring back some of them, their effects are likely to be much different to what they were. It would make sense just to bring out completely new items, or offer an exchange of a number of the older version for the new version.

    Thank you for sharing.

    e pluribus unum

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    Imperial Templar


    I love collecting in game items, used all my forward camps and i must have sold collectors coinblade as i did do that quest and yes it was very buggy, i still do have a merc contract though, great article and yes i too want True flame.

    ”Know the truth. Observe the law. When in doubt, seek wisdom from the wise.” – Julianos.

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    Tarnished wedding band – This iron wedding band has virtually no value.  Its crudely wrought surfaces have been worn smooth by the press of fingers.


    I saved the wedding ring on one of my characters.  I was wondering why it was stored in the consumable tab and not armor

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    Imperial Nightblade

    You forgot the Guar pet, which you can only get by buying the Guar plushie.

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    The guar pet is still available so it’s not included in this write-up. The guar plush will be available to order again in the near future according to zenimax’s last ESO Live.

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    Khajiit Nightblade

    I am searching for someone who has an EP mage contract that they would be willing to part with for the right price. Also have a spare AD mage contract if anyone keen on trading

    ~Aeryj Khajiit Magicka NB

    Fantasia, Tertiary Meat, Blades of Vengeance

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    Dunmer Sorcerer

    For a loot mad man like my self seeing this stuff just makes this game eat even more hours of my life

    ”Magic is neither good or evil but a tool like any other weapon”

          – Conloke Crowsong

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    I still have a book of poetry

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    Nord Sorcerer

    The Obsidian Brotherhood

    Thanks so much for this info. I find I like to just wander around alot and see what its what. I know I miss things so this will help me zero in more on these items.

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    Bosmer Nightblade

    I still have a forward camp from my DK. Also if you bought the Imperial Edition on P/C you got the Nibany Crab for a pet. I know you can buy the Imp Edition on P/S and X-Box but not sure if it is available for PC anymore.



    There is no honor among thieves.   TheLawLess a small guild created for the use of Honorable players to store crafting supplies in guild bank to free up char. Storage. Do you have what it takes to be one of us?????


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    Superflyguy said on February 14, 2015 :

    I love collecting in game items, used all my forward camps and i must have sold collectors coinblade as i did do that quest and yes it was very buggy, i still do have a merc contract though, great article and yes i too want True flame.

    The only thing there is left, is a home to store all these items! ^^

    Hexys Sorcerer AR 41 | Hexyles Nighblade AR 20 | Héxy Templar AR 10

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    Hexiss said on March 2, 2015 :

    The only thing there is left, is a home to store all these items! ^^

    Let’s hope someday, I think especially with the B2P transition and the cash shop that player housing has a lot to offer ZOS financially, because a lot of cool housing related perks would be highly marketable in the Crown Store without upsetting the playerbase with “pay to win” issues.

    Founder, creator, and developer of Tamriel Foundry.


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    Nord Templar

    …just as a hammer can equally build a temple or kill a man…”

    ”There is no one thing that is true…it is all true.”

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    Bosmer Nightblade

    I like the idea of having ‘rare items’. Just like in real life, things go out of style and become worthless and then come back and are priceless.
    It will make playing the game from the start or an early date more worth it. We’ll all have shit that the new players won’t.
    Like how people from the 80’s say people from the 90’s missed out and people from the 90’s know that it will never get better than that.
    Or how people who were around for pokemon red and blue know that the first gen of pokemon are the best.

    idk lol I like the idea of having rares. Mostly because I have a lot of the items listed here. Stuff to show off when we get houses and later sell.

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    Theosis said on February 19, 2015 :

    I still have a book of poetry

    man Id sell it now for the castle

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