Foundry Tactical Combat Version 0.32

Hey everyone, I’ve got just a quick FTC update for today. There aren’t any major changes in this version, rather it simply tidies up some of the previously existing features while fixing some bugs and adding improved localization.

Download FTC Version 0.32

Version 0.32 Changes

  • Added a configurable option for displaying the ultimate resource tracker. Slightly changed the resource tracker to report the cost of your current ultimate in addition to your total ultimate pool.
  • Revised the DPS meter tracking and print-to-chat output to remove source code for features which were patched out by ZOS shortly after 1.1.
  • Greatly improved German localization and support.
  • Small improvements to French localization.
  • A number of bug fixes and code tidying.

I expect that version 0.33 will have some more substantial changes, but I needed to do an iteration of tidying up a bit before I tackled any new game systems. Thanks for your support of the FTC addon, I hope you all enjoy.

As a side note, if anything goes badly wrong with version 0.32, I will not be able to fix it for the next week as I’m going to be out of town with limited internet connectivity. If (as a last resort) you need to revert back to 0.31 for a stable addon version here’s the 0.31 link.