TF Community TeamSpeak Changes

Hey everyone, as we advance further past the launch of ESO, the existing community for the game is coming into clearer focus. It has always been a goal for us at Tamriel Foundry to support that community and offer tools for players and fans to get the most out of their ESO experience.

As some of you may know, we have offered a community TeamSpeak server for TF members and friends to use while playing together, however we feel like we have not done as good a job of interacting and supporting that interaction as we could have done. In order to improve the level of interaction between TF staff, fans, friends, and members, we are migrating the official Tamriel Foundry community TeamSpeak server to our own hosted address.


TeamSpeak3 Server:

This server offers slots for 512 users, and has been in-use for some time as the Entropy Rising guild TeamSpeak. ER will continue to use this server for guild operations, and a number of channels will be reserved as private for ER members, but we want to invite more ESO players to join us in sharing the gameplay experience. Having a shared community TeamSpeak server will also allow us to stage events both for PvE and for PvP in the Bloodthorn campaign! Please consider installing TeamSpeak and joining us on this new server while you play ESO!

Note: When you first join the server, you will not have a server group assigned, which will prevent you from joining a number of channels. Please wait in the lobby or in the AFK/Waiting for Permissions channel until you are assigned a server group based on your primary in-game alliance.