Foundry Tactical Combat Version 0.31

Hey everyone, just a quick update this morning with some Foundry Tactical Combat changes for the Craglorn (1.1.2) patch.

Download Foundry Tactical Combat version 0.31

Change Notes

  • Scrolling combat text now (optionally) displays the names of incoming damage events, you can once again know what is hitting you!
  • Big improvements to the reliability and consistency of the FTC damage meter.
  • The FTC damage meter now displays the live damage-per-second of your group mates, ranked in descending order.
  • FTC now includes a bind-able “damage report” hotkey which will paste the results of your most recent encounter into your chat window. It cannot submit the new chat entry automatically, so once you have pasted the results into chat you still need to press enter to send the message.
  • Improved localization, new French and German translations added.
  • Updated addon for new API version 100004.