Dungeon Guide – Veteran Banished Cells

Hi everyone, we’re excited to release the first of a new video series here on Tamriel Foundry of guides showcasing endgame PvE challenges, encounters, and mechanics. These videos will tackle a variety of PvE challenges including Veteran Dungeons, Adventure Zones, and Trials. These videos are designed to be instructional examples of how to successfully navigate encounters by carefully explaining mechanics and providing visual evidence of how to execute strategies designed to cope with them.

Banished Cells is the easiest of the three tier one Veteran Dungeons and is a great place for groups of new Veteran ranked players to start their PvE experience. We will release videos for the remaining Tier 1 veteran dungeons of Spindleclutch and Fungal Grotto in the coming days so stay tuned for those in the near future!

Watch the Video Guide

Please let us know what you think about our first guide in the comment section below. Have you tried veteran Banished Cells yet? Was your group able to succeed? If you have any additional tips to share please let us know. Also, if there is any additional information or detail you would like to see included in our future video guides we are open to suggestions. Thanks for watching!