Tamriel Foundry Wages War In Bloodthorn!

cyrodiil-siegeHear ye, hear ye, Tamriel Foundry members on the North America PC/Mac megaserver of The Elder Scrolls Online; many of you have inquired recently about our plans to choose a specific campaign in ESO, and after careful deliberation and examination of the options we are excited to plant the TF standard on the field of battle within the Bloodthorn campaign. I hope that Tamriel Foundry members of all three alliances will eagerly join (or switch to) this campaign so that we can begin fostering an atmosphere of competition, fun, and challenge that will further improve our game experience in ESO.

Why Bloodthorn?

There were a number of factors considered when making this decision, namely:

  1. Capacity – We needed to choose a campaign which was well populated but also has enough available space to accommodate the TF community without creating painful queue times.
  2. Balance – We wanted to choose a campaign that is not already prone to serious population imbalance. We felt that Bloodthorn is one of the more balanced campaigns, with each of Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact each enjoying brief periods of dominance during the past several days.
  3. Challenge – We wanted to choose a campaign that featured a wide constellation of smaller guilds rather than any of the pre-existing mega communities. This will hopefully blossom into a PvP environment where many guilds are running PvP groups regularly and group vs. group fights become common in addition to the standard AvA fare of large zerg conflict.

We think the Bloodthorn campaign fits these criteria, and are excited to invite you all (and your guilds) to join in the fun on the PC-NA megaserver! For those of you who have already declared a home campaign it costs 15,000 alliance points to switch, however, I hope you will consider the up-front investment as worthwhile in exchange for the long-term PvP atmosphere which we can hopefully build.

TF Campaign Features

We’ll be using Tamriel Foundry to coordinate PvP-specific events and provide site features which will benefit the Bloodthorn community including:

  • Organized 8v8 nights
  • Dueling tournaments
  • TF community TeamSpeak channels
  • A Bloodthorn PvP subforum on Tamriel Foundry – Forum now OPEN!

Once again, I want to encourage TF members on the PC/Mac North America megaserver to participate in the Bloodthorn campaign regardless of your alliance and I hope to see you on the battlefield! Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.