FTC Version 0.27 Released

FTC 026 adds some neat new features.

FTC 026 adds some neat new features.

Hey everyone, I wanted to post a quick note announcing the release of Foundry Tactical Combat version 0.27. This is not a major new release, but does include some new functionality that I hope you will find helpful as you are continuing your adventures throughout Tamriel!

Below is a short list of the changes that you can enjoy in this new version:

Download Foundry Tactical Combat – Version 0.27

  • Added potion tracking to buffs and alerts. Potions will now generate a buff icon indicating their duration and trigger an alert when the potion slot becomes once again available.
  • Added a mini DPS tracker which updates live in combat to display your outgoing damage-per-second, outgoing healing-per-second, and incoming damage-per-second. The mini-meter is movable when you unlock the positions of FTC elements.
  • Improved the pop-out damage meter, giving a breakdown of abilities used in combat, their observed critical hit percentages, the total damage they dealt, and their relative contribution to your effectiveness.
  • Added an option for altering the damage tracking timeout threshold. This threshold adjusts the number of seconds which may elapse without the FTC meter considering a combat encounter to have ended. This is helpful for certain boss fights which have mid-fight roleplay, scripting, or mechanics which require players to hold damage for several seconds.
  • Included some new extensions to the buffs and alerts system, this time Nightblades got some love with Refreshing Shadows and Shadow Barrier both getting specialized buff tracking.
  • Added an option to disable the default target frame.
  • Removed the “mini character sheet” component from FTC. While this was a nice idea to do for an addon, it’s not integral to the in-combat experience which FTC seeks to improve. I would like to delegate the responsibility for this sort of enhancement to other addon authors, so FTC will not focus on this for a while.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and minor glitches.


Please leave any questions, feedback, or suggestions in the comment section below. Happy hunting!