Dungeon Guide – Veteran Fungal Grotto

fungal-grottoHi everyone, we’re excited to release the third part of our video series here on Tamriel Foundry of guides showcasing endgame PvE challenges, encounters, and mechanics. These videos tackle a variety of PvE challenges including Veteran Dungeons, Adventure Zones, and Trials. Our guides are designed to be instructional examples of how to successfully navigate encounters by carefully explaining mechanics and providing visual evidence of how to execute strategies designed to cope with them.

Fungal Grotto is the third, and most challenging, of the tier one veteran dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online, featuring more difficult trash mobs and bosses possessing complex and challenging mechanics. The dungeon continues the story from the normal version in which the Spider Cult has evicted the Grotto’s resident goblin tribe in order to harness the dark Daedric power within it’s inner shrine.


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Please let us know what you think about our Fungal Grotto guide in the comment section below. Have you tried veteran Fungal Grotto yet? Which bosses were the most challenging for you? Were you able to successfully complete the dungeon? Do you have any alternative tactics or strategies to suggest? Let’s hear it!

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    Altmer Templar

    Entropy Rising

    Hate that stupid spider.

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    Lewis Clamp


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    Orc Dragonknight

    The Order of the Ebony Lion

    Great vid. Thanks Atropos and others.

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Entropy Rising

    Everyone hates the Spider Daedra >.<

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    Breton Dragonknight

    Great content, guys.  I appreciate all the work you folks are putting in for the community.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Tamriel Foundry Community

    Thank you for taking the time to record and edit  these endgame pve encounters. They will be very helpful once I finally reach veteran content.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Tamriel Foundry Community

    Great guide. Thank you.

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    Gamyne seems the hardest boss to me, the spider..meh

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    These guides will be immensely helpful once my guild starts going through veteran content. I appreciate the detailed videos!

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    Bosmer Nightblade

    Ya have too much dps and not enough fuck ups.  Fought the dw chick like 10x and could not get her down.  Ya not even breaking a sweat.  Must have epic or higher gear with enchants etc because I play pure bow and the author has more hpmpstam than I do.  That or your constantly running around with a dps sorc that just spams fire whatever over and over.

    Death is the ultimate fairness!

    If I’m a douchebag well at least I’m scoring!

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    Breton Sorcerer

    You made this look so easy.. my group had so much trouble with it at first. We’ve decided we’re never doing it again because it’s sooooo not worth it at the moment.

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    Argonian Templar

    Rayveni said on May 7, 2014 :

    You made this look so easy.. my group had so much trouble with it at first. We’ve decided we’re never doing it again because it’s sooooo not worth it at the moment.

    It’s not that hard once you learn the mechanics. Finished it last night as VR3 templar healer and my VR4 buddies (DK, sorc, nb). Gamyne is definitely the toughest boss in here when doing it for the first time. After a few wipes you know what to look for. Moving immediately after the purple beam appears is the most important thing to do as that damage piles up very quicky.  Dpsing down a tormentor is easy enough. If it is one of the dps members that is chained then as a templar I go in with biting jabs.

    Dulfy has a nice detailed guide about each mechanic along with a video of each boss rather than one big video : http://dulfy.net/2014/05/05/eso-veteran-fungal-grotto-dungeon-guide/#Gamyne_Bandu

    But this is an excellent video guide also. Nice work, TF :)

    Scarpaw — VR6 argonian templar

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    Looks like its going to be a long time before I do this one. I shouldnt have played so many first person shooters.

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    Altmer Templar

    It is a nice video indeed, but mechanics are not the only issue in the fight.  It really does merit noting that the grp here has a lot of experience together, is in good gear and at at the time of the video in levels 6, 7, and tank at 8.  Not exactly the same picture for anyone undergeared and low on the dps meter.  My guildies and I did this on VR2 with a pick up and it was a disaster, lol.  Much better work at higher level and better equipment make a huge difference on your dps output.

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    Khajiit Nightblade

    Great Guide

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