The ESO Vodcast – Final Beta Weekend!

Are you ready for the final ESO beta weekend?

Hey folks! After a fun weekend of streaming we are just a bit closer to the early-access release and official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online! It’s almost unbelievable that the long wait is almost finally over. ZOS has announced that there will be one more beta weekend though. In this episode of the The ESO Vodcast, Deagen and Soma will discuss the beta patch notes that have dropped, plans for this last beta weekend and what ZOS hopes to iron out during this final test. After that we’ll take a look at an article that goes over why ZOS is sticking by there monthly subscription fee. After these key points have been discussed viewer questions will be taken to wrap up the show! Thanks again for sticking with us over the past months, it’s been a ton of fun doing this vodcast. I hope you enjoy watching this episode of The ESO Vodcast!

Watch the LIVE Show – 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST / 00:30 GMT

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