The ESO Vodcast – Character Builds!

How will Soma and Deagen build their characters in ESO?

How will Soma and Deagen build their characters in ESO?

Hey folks! We’re back with another ESO Vodcast! This week we’ll talk about a few of the beta impressions that are floating around the web at the moment. Popular internet personalities such as Angry Joe and Force of Force Strategy Gaming, among many others, have given their thoughts on the ESO beta. After we discuss some of these beta impressions we’ve seen floating around the net we’ll move on to something that I hold near and dear to my heart… We’ll be talking about character builds! Deagen and I will go over what we think could be fun builds to roll at launch and hopefully give you guys some ideas in the process! After we’re done nerding out over our potential avatars we’ll round out the show with viewer questions from the chat. As always, thanks for tuning in for this episode of The ESO Vodcast!


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34 responses to “The ESO Vodcast – Character Builds!”

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    Imperial Templar

    some tank builds??

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    The games ability for variety with regards to character builds is absolutely endless. Do any hybrids excite you? For example a sorcerer tank has been mentioned several times, or perhaps a stealthed templar?

    Still waters run deep.

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    Bosmer Sorcerer

    This is going to be a good Episode! Dont miss it guys


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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Angry Joe doesn’t have the attention span to play an MMO. That’s not a knock on him really, I have agreed with several of his reviews of single player games, he just doesn’t have the time to invest in something like this… or has he ever played an MMO for any real length of time. My main character in Warcraft when I quit a few years ago had over 11,000 hours… just my main… and single player people brag about 500 hours in Skyrim, so there is no real comparison. He doesn’t know what it takes to keep people in. His review was limited to level 9, inaccurate information from his friends he was playing with, too much about subscription, the imperial edition, the NDA… I think that is why several of these “press” reviews lean negative. They feel they have been shafted and/or put on a leash. Shoddycast doesn’t like having to play the 3 or 4 hours on the starter island?? Says there is no way to explore and TES fans won’t like it? Force doesn’t feel a player should have to get to level 10 to really get the feel for a game they may play for years… what??? It’s an MMO for craps sake… anyway, pretty much done with watching most of them for this reason. I have played, a lot, and I’m hooked so I’m all set. Now we should be looking for the detailed information… the MEAT!

    Here’s hoping you guys keep it real and if you do have negative impressions, I hope that you explain them better than these other “press” do… sorry, I still find it funny that we refer to most basement video talking heads as “press” nowadays… no offense. It’s better to go with “Internet Personalities”… more ZING to it and honestly way more accurate.

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    Breton Templar


    I would be really interested in hearing about the different builds you guys played and which ones you liked best.  I would also love to hear what didn’t work for you and what builds you would recommend staying away from.  I have only played in the beta last weekend so this will help me from making the same mistakes at launch! I played a Templar but only made it to level 18.



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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Tamriel Foundry Community

    I want to know how to you make a sorcerer more sustainable, specifically in lower levels when you dont have equilibrium or dark exchange.

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    Redguard Templar

    Black Market Wares

    I wanted to comment away to you guys in the chat, but it uses facebook…. ick.  Anyways – good stuff to listen to. ;)

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    Argonian Nightblade

    Can’t wait to see what people do with some of their builds.

    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I got my soul taken by a Daedric prince.

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    Dunmer Dragonknight


    I have a couple questions.

    I have heard that you can have an alternate weapon that you can swith to and from in a battle. Confirm?

    Ive also heard that when you get to a high enough level, you get a second “Action Bar.” Confirm?

    Heil Sithis!

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    Orc Nightblade

    No second action bar. Weapon swapping will be possible



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    Altmer Templar


    Rats missed it – any chance of posting a link to the recording please?.

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    Argonian Templar


    Ohh yea

    I love me some vodcast

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    Dunmer Templar

    Very interesting cast…It’s nice to hear some people finally to be able to talk some builds to a certain degree, rather than just reading and speculating. Really positive insight on more ways to heal yourself, and more ways to taunt…Racial Ultimates are something I would very much like to get some clarity on, a couple of them looked particularly appealing. Again, nice cast!



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    Breton Templar

    This is true!

    Source: There is in game footage, just google it.

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    Imperial Nightblade

    MolagsWhore said on February 12, 2014 :

    I have a couple questions.

    I have heard that you can have an alternate weapon that you can swith to and from in a battle. Confirm?

    Ive also heard that when you get to a high enough level, you get a second “Action Bar.” Confirm?

    Once you reach level fifteen you unlock a second weapon. When you switch to the second weapon, you can have different skills attached to that weapon, essentially allowing for you to have a second action bar.


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    Redguard Nightblade


    ”That which cannot be stopped: Inherited Will, A Man’s Dream, and the flow of Time.” As long as man continues to seek out the answer to freedom, these things shall never be stopped”- Gol D. Roger

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Altmer77 said on February 12, 2014 :

    I want to know how to you make a sorcerer more sustainable, specifically in lower levels when you dont have equilibrium or dark exchange.


    Focus on skills with knock downs.

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    Bosmer Sorcerer

    If you guys missed the Vod. right there peeps. #EsoHype

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    Altmer Templar


    Fantastic cast guys, possibly the best to date for me.  Just stepping into an ESO dungeon, dark, atmospheric, dangerous, mysterious, incredible lighting, perfect sound, and yes multiplayer.  Must feel real and foreboding!  I’m perhaps guessing, but it sounds like “welcome to Oblivion” revisited……


    As any new fantasy journey or experience begins, it would seem appropriate to try something a little different.  As a somewhat old timer or mature gamer, I imagine myself trying out a mage/healer.  Especially as this is a multi player online fantasy RPG, after all its also Elder Scrolls!


    There might well be many times where it was subsequently believable that early game I had made a massive mistake.  There might be more times as things progressed when I might slowly become consciously aware I had not been playing a typical MMO, or even any single player RPG.  However, I suspect if the above were true I would likely have ended up realising that it was me that needed to change, not the game.  This point I believe is what will likely make ESO refreshingly very, very different.


    The first 8 levels I understand with a build as suggested above might prove really, really tough.  As much gold spent as earned even.  Early levelling in main quest and all guild story lines, being equipped just with a healing staff and medium/light armour, would likely prove very challenging.  However, confidently spreading punishing “light” throughout Auridon as a templar might also seem an appropriate balance, particularly cleansing for any misguided local folk.  In quieter times a player might even support random group members in dungeon activities, remaining in the backline providing directional healing via a trusty restoration staff!


    Despite any early sense of security, possibly as a result of being positioned as you may expect directly behind a large party shield wall.  It is also easy to imagine in ESO how quickly you might find yourself regularly targeted by the enemy AI bad guys.  Especially I understand, because they appear hell bent on leaping over or rushing past the front defensive line, straight for any healer.  You might want to congratulate fellow party members if this happened, or even Zenimax, but you might not!


    When any fight became real close and you could not weapon swap, a trusty staff, an good understanding of weapon attack distances, positioning, parrying and most importantly enemy tells, might serve you well also becoming your new best friend.  I imagine if you also bothered to take the time to engage in crafting earlier on, especially rune crafting.  You might become a very effective force to be reckoned with.


    Interrupting enemy mini boss big moves it seams, appears from reviews vital in combat, especially when facing them alone.


    It is my believe that even a small independent minded glimpse of ESO, perhaps if your lucky and patient even participation in BETA will demonstrate that it is going to be a truly satisfying experience.  Discovery, solo or small group PVE even PVP seems well done.  Beautifully structured dungeons, lighting, architecture, and music.  Learning tells, strengths and weaknesses, intelligent enemies, without doubt the best inside, dark dungeon old school RPG experience to participate in for many a year,

    just where’s is the trading?

    Keen before, I am even more convinced now.  A game that’s perhaps in BETA currently slow to start.  But the game introduction apparently tells you your escaping from a prison, so sticking around to get to know people and places, doesn’t appear to be the player objective.  From small acorns comes great trees, that generally last many years, these typically require a little water to get going, some food, love, and exposure.  See you in the forest!

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    Redguard Nightblade

    Boring, tedious starter zones are boot camps for noobs and you can’t give the option to leave early or some noobs certainly will and have nothing but trouble due to lack of experience with game basics.  MMO vets should know this and be willing to suffer it for a few hours of the whole game experience.  I have many years and hours into mmos and I wasn’t bored, having kept myself busy while questing just checking out the world.

    You guys really said it, and I’m going to somewhat paraphrase it somewhat.  It’s not so much the number of possible builds, but the number of possible counter builds you will need due to not knowing what the other person is going to use.  That’s what will make things very interesting.

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