Templar Class Impressions

Templars are incredibly versatile and stalwart fighters.

Templars are incredibly versatile and stalwart fighters.

Hello Tamriel Foundry, I am Erlex, officer in Entropy Rising, and your host for my wonderful guide through the Templar Class. I have been given the (very awesome) privilege to share my impressions of the Templar class in the Elder Scrolls Online. During my time playing, I have tried various builds quite extensively. There are plenty of tools in the Templar class skill lines to do just about any role you can imagine (and quite well), however, one role stands out among the rest. You guessed it; Templars are the very best healers.

What makes the Templar better than every other class at healing? If you guessed that they had better heals, you would be wrong! In fact, templar heals aren’t better than other heals that other classes can get. Templars are the best because they have the most options available. Most of the other classes have access to around 6-7 possible healing abilities. Templars have easily double that number. Granted, you can’t use them all at once, but having access to the tools you need are what will set a good templar apart from the pack.

Disclaimer: Other classes do bring their own unique “support” abilities to healing that give them their own strengths as well; it is simply my opinion that the Templar is the best at straight “healing”.


Races, Racials, and Stats

To follow my fellow officers’ lead on their respective guides, I would like to speak shortly on the race and stats of the Templar.  If you read the previous article by our fearless leader @Atropos , you already know much about the races and their impact on various roles. For healing, we would look at the Spellcasting races selected; Altmer, Breton, and Dunmer.

At this point, it is really a tossup of personal opinion. All 3 of these races are a great and viable choice. When it comes to straight up, hard support, carebear, extreme healing, the Breton to me is the winner. When it comes to being a bit more “well rounded” and able to do a little more melee and magical DPS, the Dunmer wins out. If you think you’ll be focusing on both magical DPS and healing the Altmer is the slight leader. In a lot of ways, ZoS did a great job with balancing these racials (at least as far as us Templars are concerned). There is a great option available no matter which alliance we choose to pledge.

All of that being said…I chose Altmer. With the melee, mage, and healing builds I had in mind, I thought the Altmer magical dps and healing benefits would serve me best.

When it comes to attribute points, each character starts off the same no matter what race you choose (150 health, 100 magicka, and 100 stamina).  Each level, you gain 20 points in all three attributes for simply leveling up, and also are awarded 1 attribute point.  This attribute point can be spent to gain +10 magicka or stamina, or +20 health. Similar to my views when selecting a race, I feel like investing points heavily into magicka is the best route in almost any build. If you’re tanking, you can focus on your gear having +health in the early levels. The magicka bonus will serve you well to increase kill speed, decrease downtime, and help survivability. At higher levels you can always respec, so no worries if you make choices to support the early game instead of the late game.


Weapons and Armor

Breton Shrine

The Magicka regeneration of Light Armor is incredibly useful.

When it comes to armor, I feel that the bonuses provided by Light Armor are too good to ignore. While spell penetration doesn’t do much for healing, the magicka regeneration, spell critical chance (yes, heals can crit!), and reduced ability cost are amazing for most Templar builds. I did choose to use a couple of pieces of heavy armor, but using 7 pieces of light is still a great idea for the extra regen and ability cost reduction. My opinion is that light armor is best armor – so get your robes and wizard hats ready!

When it comes to choice of weapon things really start to get interesting! Welcome to the area of ESO where lines get blurred and anything is possible. For the sake of healing, I chose the Restoration staff as my main weapon because of the various passives (such as bonus healing when wielding it) as well as the very powerful HoTs the line provides. Both regeneration and Grand Healing often have a home on my action bar. I won’t go too far into the morphs during this guide, but I find that Mutagen and Healing Springs morphs to be the best. Mutagen gives a decent burst heal when the effected target reaches 20% health (canceling the rest of the HoT) and Healing Springs give a small amount of Magicka back for each player hit by the heal.

For my secondary weapon, I chose a different one on every character I made (yep, I made a bunch of characters). I didn’t choose different weapons because I couldn’t find one I liked, quite the opposite actually. I kept choosing different weapons because I liked them all. With enough skill points, I don’t see why the Templar couldn’t rotate through roles with nothing but a simple weapon exchange.


Restoring Light

Let’s go ahead and get the tree everyone is waiting on out of the way. No skipping to the end of the article needed!  Restoring Light is the home of your class healing abilities. Restoring light also has some abilities later in the tree that look like they could be quite useful for tanking as well.

Passive Abilities
Before we get into the active abilities, let’s go over the passives quickly. In short, they are all awesome. Seriously, every passive is good; get them all as often as you can. From increased resurrection speed to bonus healing, you really can’t say anything bad about the passives here. Hunt down those Skyshards because you sure will want the skill points!

Rushed Ceremony (Active) is an instant cast smart direct heal. That’s right, it’s an instant heal that automatically heals the lowest health target in range; Do I need to say more? It is awesome. If everyone is doing their job, you may never need this heal (as it does have a high magicka cost) but when you, or someone else, makes a mistake – there is nothing better than an instant life saver. What’s better than Rushed Ceremony? The morphs are of course!

Upon Achieving level 5 in the skill you are able to morph it to either give 60% of the magicka cost back over a few seconds when healing a low health target, or, you can choose to make it heal 2 other targets for half the original value in addition to its original function. The low health condition only applies to healing targets below 20% health, and therefore, I decided that as long as I never let anyone get to that point, the better choice was the multiple target heal instead.

Healing Ritual (Active) is the bread and butter of my healing templar build. Although this skill has a 2 second cast time, and forces you to only heal nearby targets (thus putting you in more personal danger) this heal is just awesome. In addition to being a powerful aoe heal, it also heals you for an additional 30% (which helps to counteract your compromised positioning). This was the heal I used for sustained healing and to keep my group (and tank) from dying in most situations. If I had to pick my favorite heal in the game, this would be it.

When morphed, you get the option to make it heal you for an additional 20% more (for a total of 50% additional healing) or have a secondary delayed heal (8 seconds later) on all targets effected. The latter is the clear choice in my eyes.

Rite of Passage (Ultimate) is an ultimate I do not recommend. Despite it sounding quite nice as a channeled damage reduction and heal, I feel like the fact that you are locked into the channel and unable to cast or move is simply not worth it. This is not an Ultimate I recommend at all, especially in the early game. Perhaps it would have some awesome uses in a larger scale fight (Adventure Zones?), but from what I have seen; I don’t like it.

Templars can unleash pretty ferocious ranged DPS.

Templars can unleash pretty ferocious ranged DPS.


Dawn’s Wrath

Dawn’s Wrath is where you will find the ranged offensive abilities for the Templar. If you have ever felt like you wanted to channel the raw power of the sun to obliterate your enemies…this is the skill line for you!

Passive Abilities
You might start to see a pattern here…but once again, you will want to pick up all the passives you can in this tree. If you are using any Dawn’s Wrath abilities, the passives are great. Enduring Rays will increase the duration of all of your abilities (of which they all have a duration), and Prism will give you free ultimate. Yep, that’s not a type, free ultimate! You really can’t hope for a better passive than free ultimate every time you cast a spell!

Sun Fire (Active) is a direct damage instant cast nuke that also has a nice little damage over time (4.5 second duration) effect attached to a 40% snare. The DoT does about 80% of the dmg of the initial direct hit. If you’re a healer that’s looking for a nice ability to use every now and then when you get the spare time or magicka, this is a great choice. Once you level it up, you get 2 interesting morph options.

On one hand you get Vampire Bane, increasing the duration and dmg of the DoT effect by 2 seconds. On the other hand, you get Reflective Light. Reflective light turns Sun Fire into a 3 target AoE effect. The 2 additional targets will take the initial direct damage and will be snared for 4.5 seconds (but will not receive the DoT). Although both of these abilities are very good, I feel that the increased single target duration is better for adding focus fire dmg (and needing to cast it lass on your target).

Solar Flare (Active) is a casted single target direct damage attack that also increases the damage of the next attack on the target and other nearby enemies. This is where the whole “obliterating” part comes in. Not only does this spell hit hard, it makes the next spell (that isn’t Solar Flare) hit even harder (including power attacks!). This is another ability with 2 very good morphs.

You have the option of choose Dark Flare or Solar Barrage. Dark flare adds a 30% reduction to healing abilities received for  6 seconds (in addition to all other effects) on the target.  Solar Barrage turns the spell into an instant cast point blank AoE with about 70% of the original damage. If you are going for a single target mage build, Dark Flare is a great option for single targets, but if you want to really pump up that DPS on the multi target fights, Solar Barrage is your skill. Despite Solar Barrage losing some damage when switched to be an AoE, I feel like this is the better ability in many ways. Solar Barrage is my pick, but for single target PvP, you could really cause some hurt with Dark Flare.

Nova (Active). Remember that bit about obliterating your enemies with the power of the sun? Yea, Nova is your path to retribution. Nova literally drops a sun from the sky at a ground target to decimate all things around it with direct damage every second for 8 seconds. Nova also makes all monsters within its area deal 40% less damage. Just in case that wasn’t enough, Nova also has a synergy that deals massive damage and stuns everything within its radius. I can’t recommend Nova enough. It is the premier Templar ultimate. Get it, trust me, you won’t regret it.


Nova brings the fury.

Nova brings the fury.

Aedric Spear

The Aedric Spear skill line focuses on sustained damage and mobility. It has a strong range of passives as well as some active abilities that really start to shine later in the skill tree. This skill line is good for tanks and melee builds who want to transform their templar into a mobile skirmisher capable of sustaining strong DPS.

Passive Abilities
Despite the passives in Aedric Spear not quite being as good as the others, I still recommend getting them if you have the spare points. Piercing Spear will give you some extra crit chance with your spear abilities, and Spear Wall will help with dmg mitigation while blocking. All in all these first passives are a bit lack luster (in most situations), but still do have their occasional uses. If you are hard up on skill points, here is the places to save.

Puncturing Strikes (Active) is a cone, semi AoE, channeled, melee attack, with an added push back effect on a single target. The reason I call is “semi” AoE is that it does increased (double) damage to your single closest target, and less damage to anything else within its short melee range cone. Despite the description sounding rather lackluster, this ability is actually quite strong. The rapid succession of hits within the short (1.1 second) channel duration makes this ability quite good. With the added effect of its sort of “splash” AoE damage and its knockback (that doubles as an interrupt to spells and power attacks), Puncturing Strikes is really a must have for any melee Templar build.

This is an ability that I feel only has one morph worth choosing. You can either choose to add a 70% crit chance on targets at low health (YES PLEASE!) or increase the area of the cone effect. To be honest, I had a VERY hard time telling any difference in the size of the area of the cone effect with the second morph. To me, without any doubt, the crit chance is by far the better choice.

Piercing Javelin (Active) is a ranged direct damage attack with moderate damage that knocks the target backwards. While this ability does do a decent amount of damage, its real use is as a ranged knockback (that doubles as an interrupt). This is a very good spell if you find yourself against something that you need to stay away from (great to combo with Sun Fire). I really like this ability when I am fighting single powerful enemies (Such as at Daedric Anchors).

Once you reach the morphing options you get the choice of either a progressively increasing damage on the ability based on the range you are from the target (50% more damage at max range), or an additional 3 second stun after the knockback effect.  As I already mentioned, I feel like this abilities primary focus is to CC a target, and thus I feel like the 3 second stun is much more useful. There are other ways to kill things, and when I throw my Javelin I am using it to create distance; a stun furthers this goal. Side note, it has the added benefit of making you feel awesome as you throw a spear like some kind of super Olympian and knock an enemy on its rear for 3 seconds.

Sweeping Strikes (Ultimate) is a very inexpensive ultimate that is frequently available and fun to use, but overall for AoE damage output Nova is a superior choice.

Have Questions, Ask!

Now that I have provided my impressions, I am going to open up the comment section of this article to answer any questions you may have regarding the Templar.  Keep in mind that I can only answer questions that pertain to the early levels of ESO (1 to 15). As a special bonus for those of you reading the article today (Monday, February 17) you can catch my live stream this afternoon at 6pm EST / 3pm PST / 23:00 GMT. I’ll be taking viewer Q&A regarding the Templar class and more as I show some gameplay footage, so tune in at http://twitch.tv/erlexx.

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    Sweet, Livestream later! I liked the Templar for it’s Dawn’s Wrath Skill line but I think I am going to enjoy the party support of Restoring Light!

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    Breton Sorcerer

    Great article, @Erlex! I can’t say I agree with you that Templar are the ‘best’ healers because I prefer versatility in other aspects, like utility, but to each his own! haha. Keep up the good work!

    DH outsider

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    Streaming now! Join the twitch stream to ask question!

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    Good article, thanks!

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    Excellent! Thank you again. Look forward to the Nightblade impressions :-)

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    Great write up, Erlex!

    @Beebee Me too! :D

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    i cant wait any more!

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    @Erlex answered in stream thank you

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    Glad about the stream thanks!

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    Argonian Templar

    Hi and TY for this :)   (BTW my questions are offtopic, but since you covered pretty much all I wanted to ask about healing or Templars in article above or ´live´…)

    Q1: In almost every keep fight I saw (mostly on Youtube – and I saw a lot), the keep was eventually taken, more or less easily, and the POWs were always the ones of attacking side (the same ´boring´ linear scenario on and on: outter gate – clear the yard – inner gate – flag, leaving the impression of some inevitable choreography, and kinda pointless fight). Are successful defenses really that rare? What I saw so far leaves the impression of defending being much harder  than attacking, that seems to be bad for defender´s fighting spirit and AvAvA in general!? People will be tempted to (say, once outter gate is down) just jump out tru back door/window and go attack something instead ( because it is ´statistically´ much wiser thing to do? ).

    Q2: I noticed that majority of you guys is playing as ranged or healing (say, in last 2 vids I saw – your stream and @Atropos ´s recent PvE – you 2 were IIRC both ranged and healing) Also all (?) devs being ranged in that dark anchor vid started some melee vs range debates…yes, I know they said later that it was all spontaneous (and it prolly didn´t even matter much on so easy content), but even so their unison preferences might be saying something. Additionally, in my MMO experience (mostly PvP) ranged/healing seems to be more forgiving, that is less frustrating and group dependent. For more specific example, in my most recent MMO, R.I.P. Warhammer, I noticed HUGE difference in RR leveling speed (RR is kind of PvP experience) on my ranged/healing classes compared to my WH/WE/Mara (all melee). How similar is ESO AvAvA  in that regard – especially in mass fights – and  what would be the role/playstyle of melee in such situations? (the ones I saw so far in keep siege vids were basically following the zerg, not really contributing or having any significant impact)  Do you have some good melee (tank, DPS, whatever) POW vids to recommend?

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    Thanks for taking your time to do this article. Cant wait for the Nightblade impression article.

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    I played up to lack 19 on the Temar the past two Betas and loved it, both as a tank and a healer…. Tanklar is likely to be popular term in ESO. :)

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    Imperial Templar

    Templar (ie. paladin class), is the class i play every ESO, an extremely versatile class. I played it solely  to lvl 18 on the last beta weekend and it was definitely exactly the same as it is in every other ES game, in truth with the current combat system in place i found it even more fun. Having to actually block power attacks and take advantage of the time it gives me etc. also much more flexible healing then other ES installments(but other ES’s you didn’t need tog group heal =P) this guide is pro choice for anyone wanting to do the class. Racial wise i would chose a “mana based class” with racial bonus’s that help manage its mana consumption. I play a class that i don’t want to die, plate keeps me alive and the healing is a double bonus. Very tough character to kill, but on the other hand he’s definitely lacking damage its a trade off as with all classes.

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    Altmer Templar

    While I’m going to start off with a sorcerer healer main, I can see my first alt being a Templar, if not a dragonknight “fire mage”.  At that point, I can compare a sorcerer healer and Templar healer, and then stick with my favorite.

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    Argonian Nightblade

    I can’t decide if I want to make my Imperial a Templar or my Breton. Any suggestions? The other would be a Dragonknight.

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    Hey quick question about rushed ceremony.  Does it work as a self heal if you’re the lowest health person?

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    Ben-Max said on February 17, 2014 :

    I can’t decide if I want to make my Imperial a Templar or my Breton. Any suggestions? The other would be aDragonknight.

    A Breton doesn’t seem like a bad choice for any build, given their passives.  The Imperials do get some health and stamina passives, so if you’re going to be a melee fighter, especially one that uses weapon and shield, you’ll be fine as an Imperial.

    Given the sudden popularity of Bretons, after the passives being released, it would be hilarious if Bretons dominate the Aldmeri Dominion, who despise humans.


    Welcome to the end of your life, and I promise its going to hurt!

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    Great article, I can’t wait to play the Templar. Wanting do do a (mostly) range DPS with a bow and the Dawn’s Wrath Skill line. What do you think? Sorry just got off work and caught your stream at the very end.

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    Thinking to try melee plate dps Templar with Dawn’s Wrath and and taking Piercing javelin from the Aedric. How about the self healing? Which one would be suitable for the melee dps style Templar?

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    Thanks for posting this. I only got to play a little bit of the beta and my time as a Templar was mostly spent using Aedric Spears and a little bit of Rushed Ceremony for self-heals. Now that I’ve gotten to read up on how effective the Dawn’s Wrath tree is, it’s given me more to contemplate in terms of builds.

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