Rudrias’ Crafting Basics

crafting-creationGreetings Foundry Members! I’m Rudrias, crafting guru and member of Entropy Rising! It is my pleasure to bring you this basic crafting guide to aid you through your adventures through Tamriel!

Crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online is quite different from other MMOs. In ESO, you are given the opportunity to make whatever you like with minimal restrictions. You may choose any crafting skills you like, level them up individually, create, and improve your items with little restriction of level. The only thing that is gating your ability to craft items of any kind and quality are skill points and time.

You earn skill points throughout the game by leveling, completing story content, completing dungeons, and earning ranks in PvP.  These skill points can be used in crafting just as they are used in your combat skills. Later in the guide, we take a look at the only skillset that restricts your crafting skills: Craft Proficiency. Each crafting skill line has its own Craft Proficiency skill that will allow you to create better, higher-level items as you progress the line. We will review this later.

You will be able to gather raw materials of any kind (with no additional restrictive skills) at level 1.  This will allow you to craft what you like as well as make a profession out of gathering if you prefer to be the raw-materials vendor, roaming around collecting materials and selling them to individuals or placing them into your guild store. Let’s get started!


Choosing a Profession

  • Alchemy - Used in the creation of Potions and Beneficial consumable items. These can raise stats, increase durations of positive effects, and give your character abilities it may not have had (such as increased invisibility)
  • Blacksmithing - Allows the creation of metal weapons such as swords, maces, daggers, and axes, as well as the creation of all Heavy Armor.
  • Clothing - The creation of magical robes and light armor, as well as leather medium armor are found in being a clothier.
  • Enchanting - Enchanters craft special items using runes that enhance gear and weapons.
  • Provisioning - Provisioners are the chefs of Elder Scrolls Online. Crafting food and beverages with many special properties to enhance stats for a specific duration of time.
  • Woodworking - Woodworkers craft staves and bows of various styles and stats, as well as the shields that we carry into battle.



A player can harvest from any source for the materials they need to craft without first taking a gathering profession. This allows great flexibility in creating and leveling items for your chosen craft professions. Gathering spots for the following types are strewn throughout Tamriel and offer a plentiful range of items for use in crafting or on the market for selling.

Many materials can be found in containers, locked chests, and on slain enemies. Don’t forget to loot everything!

  • Fibrous Plants (Clothing): Fibrous plants can be woven into bolts of cloth and provide the player with materials for creating light armor.
  • Reagent Plants (Alchemy): Reagent Plants are ground into reagents and provides the player with materials for creating various potions.
  • Water Sources (Alchemy): Solvent water can be found in the lakes and rivers across Tamriel, as well as water skins in various humanoid camps and structures and is used in creating potions of various qualities.
  • Hides and Leather (Clothing): Taken from slain beasts and other enemies, Hides and Leather are used to craft Medium Armor with various properties.
  • Minerals (Blacksmithing): Found primarily near rocks or cliffs as well as in caves/mines, minerals are used to create metal items for blacksmithing.
  • Foodstuffs (Provisioning): Ingredients for provisioning are found throughout tamriel in various containers, at marketplaces, even in people’s homes! Loot crates, barrels, drawers, etc!
  • Wood (Woodworking): Found in wooded/lush areas, caves, as well as on beaches (driftwood), raw wood is used for woodworking in the creation of staves, shields, and bows.
  • Runes (Enchanting): Runes are small stones with glowing shards in them found mostly in ruins, temples, and along roads. Used in the creation of glyphs.


At the Crafting Station

Finding a Crafting Station

Crafting stations are usually found in towns and cities and are marked with flags strewn over. These stations allow you to create, improve, extract, and research their respective craft types. Let’s get into the details!


crafting-improvement The essential use of crafting. You are able to craft whatever you have the materials, skills, and time for. You can adjust these materials to increase the level, style, quality, and stats of the item.


Using special improvement items that differ with each craft type, you can improve items from Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold). Improving a weapon will increase the stats and armor already on the weapon. Once a weapon is created or found, new stats cannot be added to an item except through Enchanting (Glyphs).

You can use up to 5 improvement materials to increase the chance of successful improvement by 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. If your improvement attempt fails, you lose the item and improvement materials. Certain perks reduce the number of improvements materials needed to successfully improve the item.


crafting-extractionExtraction is the process of breaking down items of any quality into materials to be used in new crafting. Depending on the item, level, and quality the materials you receive will vary. Higher level/quality items will yield higher quality materials and you can get perks to increase the yield/quality of materials received as well!

Items must be extracted at their respective crafting stations they would normally be created from. Hang on to all of your gear that you find, you can break down everything from Common (white) items all the way to Legendary (gold) items.


Traits are learned through research and require a special trait item to be used in the crafting of the item. Traits vary from item to item thus allowing you to craft many combinations of items. You may choose only one trait to add to an item at creation. Let’s take a look at the traits.


Research allows the crafter to examine (consume) weapons and armor from their inventory to learn it’s traits for use on crafted equipment.  To start researching a trait, have the item type in your bag/bank and head to a crafting station. Open up the research dialog and select the trait that you wish to research.

Research will take real time hours and increase in the time taken for each new research in that particular category. For example: you begin research on a trait for a sword that takes 6 real time hours. Once that research is complete, you begin research on another sword trait that takes say, 12 hours. This number increases each time and the time can be reduced with perks.

You can have one trait being researched from each profession at once. So, each crafting profession can be going at the same time, but not multiple research types in a single profession (until you get perks for that crafting type). Research times increase with each research in a given profession/category. For example, your first research into Clothing chestpiece will take 6 hours, your second will take 12 hours, etc. This is per piece.

crafting-researchSome things to keep in mind about research:

  • Researching a trait from an item will DESTROY the item. So be sure you don’t need to use it for anything else.
  • Once the trait is learned it is available for THAT ITEM TYPE, not every item type. For example, if you learn +Critical Strike on daggers, then it will not automatically be available for other weapons until researched for those weapons.
  • Research is in REAL TIME. So, if it says 6 hours, it’s 6 hours whether you are logged in or not. So keep an eye on your station to see how much time the research has left.

Finding Set Stations

Throughout the world you will find special crafting stations. These crafting stations allow you to create set items.  Set items can only be created if you have a certain amount of traits researched on that specific gear piece you are trying to create.


Crafting Skills and Perks

Each crafting profession has a corresponding skill tree that is used to enhance and alter the craft. Here I will list all of the skills and perks for each craft and their respective ranks that you can place points in. All abilities are passives, meaning they are applied automatically.


  • Solvent Proficiency: Allows the Alchemist to use Natural Water to make Level X potions. (7 Ranks)
  • Keen Eye: Reagents: Reagents are easier to see when you are X, Y, Z meters or closer. (3 Ranks)
  • Medicinal Use: When using potions, resulting effects last X% longer (3 Ranks)
  • Chemistry: Produces 1 extra potion per crafting attempt. (3 Ranks)
  • Laboratory Use: Allows the use of up to 3 Reagents while mixing Potions.
  • Snakeblood: Reduces negative effects in potions by %50 (3 Ranks)


  • Metalworking: Allows the use of X Material. (9 Ranks)
  • Keen Eye: Ore: Ore in the world will be easier to see when you are X meters or closer. (3 Ranks)
  • Miner Hireling: A miner hireling will send you ore and possibly other items every day. (3 Ranks)
  • Metal Extraction: Improves the chances of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients. (3 Ranks)
  • Metallurgy: Reduces research times by 5% and allows the research of two items at once. (3 Ranks)
  • Temper Expertise: Increases the chances of improving items with tempers. (3 Ranks)


  • Tailoring: Allows the use of X Materials. (9 Ranks)
  • Keen Eye: Cloth: Fibrous plants in the world will be easier to see when you are X meters or closer. (3 Ranks)
  • Trapper Hireling: A trapper and gatherer hireling will send you cloth or leather and possibly other items every day. (3 Ranks)
  • Unraveling: Improves the chances of extracting Clothing ingredients. (3 Ranks)
  • Stitching: Reduces research times by 5% and allows the research of two items at once. (3 Ranks)
  • Temper Expertise: Increases the chances of improving items with Tempers. (3 Ranks)


  • Aspect Improvement: Allows the use of X Quality aspect runes. (4 Ranks)
  • Potency Improvement: Allows the use of various Runestones to make glyphs of levels X-Y. (9 Ranks)
  • Keen Eye: Rune Stones: Runes in the world will be easier to see when you are X meters or closer. (3 Ranks)
  • Hireling: A Hireling will send you Runestones and possibly other items every day. (3 Ranks)
  • Aspect Extraction: Increases the chances of extracting Aspect Runestones by X%. (3 Ranks)


  • Recipe Quality: Allows the use of X Quality recipes. (3 Ranks)
  • Recipe Improvement: Allows the making of up to level X recipes. (6 Ranks)
  • Gourmand: Adds x Minutes to the duration of any eaten food. (3 Ranks)
  • Connoisseur: Adds X Minutes to the duration of and consumed drink. (3 Ranks)
  • Chef: Creates 1 extra serving for each food recipe made. (3 Ranks)
  • Brewer: Creates 1 extra serving for each drink recipe made. (3 Ranks)
  • Hireling: A Hireling will send you provisioning items and possibly other items every day. (3 Ranks)


  • Woodworking: Allows the use of X Material wood. (9 Ranks)
  • Keen Eye: Wood Wood in the world will be easier to see when you are X Meters or closer. (3 Ranks)
  • Lumberjack Hireling: A lumberjack hireling will send you wood and possibly other items every day. (3 Ranks)
  • Wood Extraction: Improves the chances of extracting Woodworking ingredients. (3 Ranks)
  • Carpentry: Reduces research times by X% and allows the research of two items at once. (3 Ranks)
  • Resin Expertise: Increases the chances of improving items with resin.


Additional Learning

  • Styles: The various styles of crafting are learned through “Racial Motif” books found throughout Tamriel. These tomes teach you the racial style for all items. These books are also NOT bound to the player and may be traded or sold and some are quite rare. Once the book is used it is consumed.
  • Looking at bookshelves in the game can grant you levels in crafting as well! Don’t forget to examine bookshelves around Tamriel!

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