Press PvP Impressions Roundup

Much like last Friday brought a slew of articles from press and media sources detailing the starting PvE experience of The Elder Scrolls Online, today marks the arrival of many PvP specific impressions of the game. We’ll have coverage here on Tamriel Foundry where you can catch the highlights as we share them.


MMORPG – The Alliance War Gets It Right

If you’ve been on the hunt for a game that scratches your itch for large-scale MMO warfare, The Elder Scrolls Online may just be the one to perhaps bring back the glory days not experienced since Mythic struck gold with RvR in Dark Age of Camelot.


ZAM – The Elder Scrolls Online Hands-On Preview

The walls and gates of every keep are completely destructible, allowing you to bash your way into a keep and claim it as your own. Various siege weapons are available to anyone willing to spend the Alliance points to purchase them, providing a multitude of different methods to break into keeps or giving defenders additional ways to strike down the attackers. Should the walls fall and the attacking army manage to hold both banners within the keep walls, the keep will switch hands and the victors will reap the benefits of their new resource as long as they can defend it from the other two Alliances. Of course now the victors face a new problem: broken keep walls/doors.


Rev3Games – ESO PvP Impressions


IGN – Exploring PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online


Massively – The Missing Parts of Elder Scrolls Online Impressions

However, I had an advantage over some of my Massively peers: I had already seen the opening sections of each faction a few times before. So my task over the last few weekends was to make sure nothing had changed. (Nothing substantial has changed.) I was able to breeze through major sections of opening areas. I was able to get two characters to level 10 or above, the first being my Nord. Suddenly, when I hit the town of Ebonheart, the feel of the game changed. No longer was I a part of a singular narrative propelling me in predefined direction; I actually had choices about where I should go next.


MMOGames – The Rule of War, Elder Scrolls Online PvP

Like I said, I like to be optimistic. The distances feel vast between keeps and camps. There are pockets of hostile NPCs scattered around, from encampments of Imperials who don’t like you to a family of trolls in a cave. The whole experience is pitched towards armies. I can easily see there being scattered skirmisher groups as friends go out to cause trouble, but victory will depend upon unity. Think less of zergs, at least in my optimistic foresight, and think more of co-ordinated outfits from Planetside. Between the distances necessary to cover on foot or on mount (Oh God get a horse) and the fact that you can lock down teleporting reinforcements, there exists the potential for strategic warfare instead of the zerg.


The Escapist – The Elder Scrolls Online PvP Guide: Siege Warfare

When you take a step back and look at it from a distance, it’s can be quite fascinating to watch an ongoing siege, and see players operating a dozen different trebuchets all chucking fiery projectiles at a castle gate, while enemy players try to knock them out with siege weapons of their own from along the castle ramparts. But whittling down doors can take a long time, and if you’re not manning siege weapon or trying to snipe enemy players with ranged attacks, it’s not the most adrenaline pumping experiencing. Once the doors are down, however, then the pacing of the game can pick up, as melee-based characters can get the opportunity to get into combat with any enemy defenders inside.


Elite Monster – ESO PvP Emphasizes Teamwork, Results Can Be Hit or Miss

A certain amount of situational awareness and group cooperation is involved in orchestrating more elaborate strategies like the ones I mentioned. For instance, if too many players on our side had decided to go ahead and engage the enemy instead of biding their time, it would have blown our cover and ruined the entire operation. As cliché as it might sound, favorable outcomes will sometimes depend on everyone’s ability to be a good team player during certain PvP scenarios.


Yogscast – PvP Gameplay Footage


MMO Reporter – Elder Scrolls Online PvP Preview


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