NDA Removal Q&A Live Show!

Whats up Tamriel Foundry community. As most of you have now realized, the non-disclosure agreement for The Elder Scrolls Online has been officially removed. I’ve been waiting for this day for several months now, and I can’t wait to dig into all the juicy ESO content and have great discussions with you all in the coming weeks and months. To celebrate this landmark moment for the game I’ll be hosting a live Q&A session this afternoon talking to you all about the game, taking questions, and describing some of my memorable experiences with the game so far.

I’ll also be showing a bunch of pre-recorded beta footage from recent beta events that I am now allowed to show! As a disclaimer, I am not yet allowed to livestream the game, but fortunately I’ve got plenty of pre-recorded footage to show while we talk about the game. Please drop by and come with questions loaded, I’ll probably have some spontaneous guest guild members from Entropy Rising and staff members from Tamriel Foundry drop by throughout the show to chime in with their thoughts as well, so please stop by!


Watch the Replay!