Mundus Stones in The Elder Scrolls Online

Activating a Mundus Stone gives your character a permanent buff!

Activating a Mundus Stone gives your character a permanent buff!

The countdown has begun and everyone is preparing for launch. Let’s take a moment and examine one of more overlooked features of Elder Scrolls Online that will allow you to design a unique character, Mundus Stones. Mundus what?

If you have played an Elder Scrolls game before then you should already be familiar with the concept of the Mundus Stones. In the early games they were known as just “birthsigns”, in Oblivion they were given an additional stone that you could interact with to receive additional benefits, and in Skyrim they were the “Standing Stones”. Throughout the series they have always been represented by the thirteen constellations in Tamriel. Now, in The Elder Scrolls Online, these Mundus Stones are scattered throughout the world. Each alliance has a complete set scatter throughout the regions and you are also able to find all thirteen in Cyrodiil for those players who are more dedicated towards winning the war for the Ruby Throne.

Why do I care?

Mundus Stones are a crucial part of building a character. While the game offers attribute point allocation, armor types, enchants, weapon types, and traits to help develop your character the way you want, Mundus Stones do not cost resources and are still very impactful. Think of Mundus Stones as being a second set of enchants you can change anytime you wish. I know for myself I have a Mundus Stone I prefer for group dungeons and a second stone I use when heading to Cyrodiil. Combine that with the armor traits that improve Mundus Stone strength and you can swing your stats pretty dramatically based on which stone you have.

  • The Lover: Reduces damage taken from spells
  • The Thief: Increases critical chance
  • The Mage: Increases maximum magicka
  • The Warrior: Increases power
  • The Serpent: Increases non-combat health regeneration
  • The Apprentice: Increases spell penetration
  • The Atronach: Increases magicka regeneration
  • The Lady: Increases armor
  • The Ritual: Increases healing effectiveness
  • The Shadow: Increases critical strike damage
  • The Steed: Increases run speed
  • The Lord: Increases maximum health
  • The Tower: Increases maximum stamina

The perfect constellation for any occasion.

Like many other features of the game, Mundus Stones compliment ESO’s focus on diversity and indecisiveness by allowing an easily changeable enchantment style buff. If you tire of lugging around a sword and shield and would like to try a bow you can change your Mundus Stone buff from giving you max health to critical strike damage. This allows players to try new builds, weapons, or armor while still providing stat bonuses focusing on that new play style without having to re-enchant all of your gear. Personally, I have really enjoyed test new builds with different Mundus Stone combinations. It’s just another way ESO is improving how we develop our characters. So, what Mundus Stone do you think you will use in ESO to augment your character? Which one will suit your build the best? Let us know in the comment section below!