The ESO Vodcast – Imperial Edition Answers

Hey folks! It’s good to be back with another episode of The ESO Vodcast! As you can tell we aren’t holding the show on our regular day. We will now be airing the show every Wednesday at 4:30 pm PST, 7:30 EST instead of on Tuesdays. We’ve noticed that ZOS tends to drop a lot of knowledge bombs on us a day after we air the show so we figured we’d adapt to that and move the show back a day. We’re already glad we did!

Today’s show has us going over the latest Ask Us Anything, Variety Pack 12 that was just released recently on the official ESO website. There’s some fantastic information in there that we can’t wait to go over! After we tackle the AUA we’ll go over an article from about the Imperial Edition Collector’s Edition sales and how they’ve done compared to the other deals that ZOS is offering consumers. After we finish the article we’ll move in to some viewer questions to round out the show. And as always, thanks for tuning in for this episode of The ESO Vodcast! Have a great day, everyone!


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