ESO Beta 24 Hour Livestream Event

Tune in for an epic 24 hour streaming marathon!

Tune in for an epic 24 hour streaming marathon!

Whats up everyone, with the next massive ESO beta test coming up just around the corner (February 28 – March 2) we have finally been given permission to stream the game live and we’re not going to wait one minute longer than we have to before we get started sharing our gameplay with the ESO fan community!

Starting at 12pm EST on Friday we’ll be kicking off a 24 hour livestream marathon featuring notable streamers and personalities from throughout the Tamriel Foundry community. This livestream will contain loads of epic coverage, ranging from questing in areas not previously seen, high level content, veteran dungeons, group PvP, and more!

Watch Replays

Alright, everyone. Thank you all so much for tuning into our livestream event, it went fantastically well. Be sure to check the Twitch channels of the participants for full replays if you missed anything, as well as some of the best highlights of the night. Entries for the Imperial Edition contest are now CLOSED. We will draw a winner in the next couple days and get in touch with you via private message here on Tamriel Foundry. Good luck to everyone who entered!

UPDATE: Everyone join me in offering a big congratulations to @Devourous, who was drawn by the random number generator as the winner of our Digital Imperial Edition giveaway! Well done to you, sir. Not only was he the lucky winner of this contest, but he also provided an excellent hypothesis as to the role of the TF logo smith! Well done Devorous, and congratulations to you and all our Naga Hex winners. Thanks to everyone who participated, and be sure to keep an eye on Tamriel Foundry for future giveaways!


Stream Schedule

Here is the content schedule you guys can look forward to during the event!


Stream Giveaways

Win a Digital Imperial Edition from Tamriel Foundry!

Win a Digital Imperial Edition!

This event coincides with a big milestone for us here at Tamriel Foundry. This week we welcomed our 20,000th member to the site which is an amazing number and an incredible testament to the quality of our community here at TF, thanks to all of you who have made this site your home for ESO news and discussion. We have been amazed with the willingness of our community members to support Tamriel Foundry, and we have recently added a donation button to the sidebar of the site for those of you who want to help us finance the provision of future site content. Thank you very much to those of you who have already donated, you help to make what we do possible!

We would like to celebrate this milestone by giving away a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online – Digital Imperial Edition. If you haven’t picked up your copy of the game yet let us buy it for you! All you have to do to enter is post a comment to this article with your answer to the following question:

What do you think the blacksmith in the Tamriel Foundry logo is making?

A winner will be randomly selected from all entries received before the end of the livestream event (12pm EST on Saturday). Good luck!

The swag doesn’t stop there, during each segment of the stream we’ll be giving away a brand new Naga Hex gaming mouse from the fine folks at Razer. To be eligible for those giveaways, just tune in for the live-streams and be signed into Twitch chat to enter.

Win one of five Naga Hex mice!

Win one of five Naga Hex mice!

We’re super excited for this weekend’s livestream event, and I hope that you all tune in to check out a first look at some of the awesome higher level content that ESO has to offer. We know that most (all?) of you will be playing the ESO beta yourselves this weekend, but throw us on your second monitor or listen in the background to be sure to catch all the news and coverage!

See you all in Tamriel.