Ten Reasons to Be Excited for ESO

Hey there Foundry community! We’re only 3 months away from the launch of ESO, and while I think all of us are already on board with the game, I wanted to share a cool video that TF community member @Ziz put together to spread some of the hype. In this video, Ziz showcases some of the key features of ESO and it’s design philosophy that have it poised to make a big impact. Be sure to give it a watch, and share it with your friends and family who may still be on the fence about the game!

What do you guys think, what are the top reasons you think ESO will be successful? Are all your gaming friends already on the hype-train for ESO or do some of them still need convincing? For the gamers you know that aren’t yet sold on ESO, what do you think ZeniMax could do or show that would make them more likely to pick the game up in April? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!