Happy Holidays from Tamriel Foundry


Greetings Elder Scrolls Online fans. 2013 has been a remarkable year for Tamriel Foundry and the community which has gathered here. We have seen our site surpass 14,000 members and our forums booming with conversation from excited  fans. We’ve had  heated discussions, thought-provoking speculation, and a fair bit of silliness. We suffered through a release date delay, were surprised by the expansion of ESO to next-generation consoles, and became excited by the addition of an  authentic first-person gameplay mode. There have been ups and downs, but I think it is plainly evident that as a community we have an unbelievable degree of passion and enthusiasm for The Elder Scrolls Online. As of today, there are exactly 100 days until the launch of ESO. That time will fly by as we look forward to seeing more gameplay and hearing all about the game systems which ZeniMax have lovingly crafted. So here’s to 2014 as we raise our tankards and share our sweetrolls, and before too long, I’ll be seeing you all in Tamriel, Happy holidays!