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Stormhaven FallsHey everyone, welcome back to a new episode of The ESO Vodcast. We’re excited to be back to the show after our vacations, and today we’ll be covering some of the most recent news regarding The Elder Scrolls Online. We’ll start out with a general recap of the last few weeks, followed by a focus on ZeniMax’ recent Ask Us Anything Variety Pack #11. Next up we’ll discuss rumors surrounding a large upcoming beta test event, and lastly we’ll round off the show with viewer questions from chat! Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy the show!


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30 responses to “The ESO Vodcast – Welcome Back”

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    Imperial Dragonknight

    Leo Bellatórum

    As always, very funny! I love watching these, thanks for sharing.

    This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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    Master of Fate


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    Dunmer Sorcerer

    Iron Fist Trade Complex

    It’s a shame that Ask Us Anything 11 had so much little valuable new information.

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    Excuse me while I let out some Black Wind out of my Void.

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    The Hexer


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    Nord Dragonknight

    Blood Of The North

    You two guys are awesome. Looking forward to more vids!

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    Hey Congrats that your wife is pregnant but how come right off the bat at around 8:30 in the podcast I am reminded why I left MMO’s in the first place.  Don’t get angry and say someone has a stupid question.  This is all supposed to be fun, and for all you know the guy asking the question is really new to learning what ESO is all about and HAS NOT been following it’s development since it’s beginning like you two.  I just started following it this weekend and know next to nothing about it other than I’m excited it’s going to be on Mac.


    Regardless of the question do not get annoyed at someone asking a question you may or may not have answered before, this could be their first time listening to your podcast.



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    Mata Leao


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    Nord Nightblade


    Thanks for sharing!


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    Not sure what to make of the comment that “every man and his brother has received a beta invite”  when over here in the EU no a single person in our guild has received one :( Closest we have come to playing the game was at Eurogamer.


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    Bosmer Nightblade

    so what is R N G?

    Death is the ultimate fairness!

    If I’m a douchebag well at least I’m scoring!

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    stun the scorned


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    Nord Dragonknight


    same looking forward for more


    Death  is never the end

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    Dragon Slayer


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    Nord Dragonknight


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