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Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site



The Mages at Zenimax have posted notices, throughout the land, warning of a recent epidemic spreading throughout Tamriel. Sanies Lupinus is turning citizens into Dog-men and Dog-women! The Fighters Guild has been hired to help contain the spread of this malady and is holding classes, which citizens can attend.

For the magic-inclined, there will be a special seminar taught on the newly created “Red Dot” spell. This spell, when cast, will project a bright red dot from the caster’s hand. The caster can then move the red dot back and forth along the ground, which apparently forces an attacking werewolf to ignore it’s intended victim and instead focus it’s attention on the red dot. Flower Pattern and Figure-Eight ground techniques will be covered.

For those seeking a non-magic defense, ball throwing techniques will be covered. Attendees of the “throwing” class will be provided with their very own green felt ball.


Happenings At Tamriel Foundry

The notable Bards, @soma from SomaPlays and @deagen from Deagen.TV, recently presented scrying mirrors discussing Weapons, Armor and Customization options for citizens wishing to join the fight in Cyrodiil or simply adventure throughout Tamriel. Those scrying mirrors can be accessed using the links below.

Happenings from the ESO Community

Garbrac, from TESO Elite, authored a scroll discussing setting up Guild Stores in Cyrodiil. Constable @isarii authored a scroll of his own, discussing the same topic. Constable Isarii’s scroll can be viewed in the TF square, on the main notice board! You can read Garbrac’s scroll here.

The province of TESOF will be distributing a scrying mirror, later this month, discussing all things ESO! You can go here for further information and updates.

The ESO Alliance had it’s first gathering last month! Archduke Atropos was joined by the nobles from: Elder Scrolls Off the RecordShoddyCast and Force from Force Strategy Gaming. You can view the gathering in the scrying mirror below.


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