Tamriel Foundry Theme Updated

We're working on making Tamriel Foundry better!

We’re working on making Tamriel Foundry better!

I’m extremely excited to share with the Tamriel Foundry community a project which I have been working on for the past several months. I’ve been slowly updating the Tamriel Foundry theme to improve it’s aesthetic charm, functionality, and general usefulness in promoting discussion relevant for fans of The Elder Scrolls Online. Today (October 13) we were able to move a huge number of changes to the live site to share with you all. I hope everyone enjoys the new feel of the site, and I request your patience with any bugs you may encounter in the next several weeks. The new theme has been tested extensively, but it’s almost impossible to eliminate all buggy-ness, especially across a wide variety of browsers and platforms. The notes below briefly outline some of the main changes which you can now enjoy on Tamriel Foundry.

Update Notes

General Changes

  • Site-wide aesthetic changes and re-stylings to provide a sleeker and more consistent browsing experience.
  • Extensive backend code re-write targeting better efficiency and ability to handle traffic volume.
  • Extensive implementation of AJAX throughout the site to provide a load-free experience.
  • Sitewide Advanced Search allows you to browse through multiple types of Tamriel Foundry content to find just what you are looking for!
  • The admin and navigation menus have been updated with a more useful structure.
  • A litany of bugfixes and minor functionality improvements to numerous areas of the site.

Forum Changes

  • Forum discussion is now powered by AJAX, allowing you to browse through pages of a topic and post replies with a more user-friendly experience.
  • New topic favoriting system promotes the best new topics that are created this week on the Best Weekly Topics page.
  • Vote for topics that you think are especially good by clicking the “This Thread Rocks” button at the top of each post. These tools provide a framework for the community to collectively endorse great discussion.
  • Added special rule notifications to parent forums which have additional posting requirements.
  • Improved moderator tools.

User Profile Changes

  • New user profile design.
  • Users may now fill out an “In-Game Character” sheet which suggests what their main character in ESO will be.
  • Users can set their preferred gameplay role. In the future, fields for megaserver/platform choice will also be added.
  • Users can publicly represent one of the guilds which they belong to in their nameplate by selecting it on the edit profile page.
  • Biographies and Signatures now support direct HTML input so you can more easily achieve a desired stylistic effect. Be aware, there are limitations on this ability, and some html elements are not allowed in either location.
  • Default avatars for users who have not yet uploaded a custom avatar now are selected depending on your alliance and racial selections. These avatars use the wonderful flags created by Tamriel Foundry member @Okiir, to whom I express my sincere thanks!
  • You can now unlock a variety of profile badges by participating in various ways around the site. These badges will be automatically unlocked when you complete certain objectives! This system is very flexible and will continue to expand to incorporate in-game achievements as we move closer to launch.

Community Tools

  • New guild profile design.
  • Improved guild administration tools.
  • Private messaging improved, you may now mark messages as read or unread. A report post button has been added to private message conversations in order to report harassment or spamming.
  • Guild forums and calendars framework implemented (but disabled until further notice).

Content Updates

  • Class pages replaced with a better structural placeholder.
  • Welcome to Tamriel Foundry post updated with extensive documentation providing an overview of site features. Definitely useful for new members, and maybe even helpful for veterans.


Known Bugs

With any update of this size there are going to be a number of bugs and issues that are not easy to identify until after the new code is live. I appreciate your patience and helpfulness in reporting these issues as they arise, and I’ll be working throughout the next several weeks on fixing all of these new annoyances! I have opened a new feedback post which is a great place to leave a note about any bugs you find, alternatively feel free to use the Contact Form to send details on any bugs you encounter.

  • Advance Search Form pagination is missing and/or broken (this one is fairly high priority).
  • Topic subscriptions and favorites not working in private group/guild forums.