The ESO Vodcast – Templar Breakdown

Tune in for the full scoop on Templars!

Tune in for the full scoop on Templars!

It’s time for another “skill breakdown” session for The ESO Vodcast. This time we highlight the Templar and go over all of the active and passive skills the class has to offer. This is quite the versatile class and our in-depth theorycrafting and class-building discussion should be quite fun in this video. The insane amount of survivability and AoE tanking possibilities in PvE and the dps/healing PvP build possibilities are quite overwhelming to say the least. After we’ve cleaved our way through the skill breakdown and theorycrafting discussions we’ll talk about what builds we would like to utilize ourselves and take a stab at what we think we might see in end-game PvE and PvP. As usual we’ll end the vodcast with viewer questions and see what you guys want answered.

DON’T FORGET: Please send questions to @SomaJT and @DeagenTV on Twitter or make sure to ask them in the chat-room on Twitch when we’re live!  If you’re excited to learn about what skills the Templar has to offer in the Elder Scrolls Online then make sure to catch this episode of The ESO Vodcast!


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