The ESO Vodcast – Nightblade Breakdown

ESO Stealth

It’s all about the Nightblade on this ESO Vodcast

Whats up everyone, I hope you are ready to tune in for another “skill breakdown” from The ESO Vodcast. This time around, it’s the stealth-loving Nightblade class. Be sure to listen in as we go over all of the active and passive skills the class has to offer. Be sure to brace yourself for some in-depth theorycrafting and class-building discussion, as we debate our favorite potential Nightblade builds. Nightblade will certainly offer players who are looking to “bring the DPS” a great option, and we’re pretty excited to debate our favorite face-melting combinations. After we’ve gotten through the skill breakdown and theorycrafting discussions we’ll talk about what builds we would like to utilize ourselves and take a stab at what we think we might see in end-game PvE and PvP. We’ll be sure to end the show with user questions from the audience, so either save them for chat, post them in the comments section below, or shoot them over to us on Twitter (@SomaJT and @DeagenTV). If you’re excited to learn about what skills the Nightblade has to offer in the Elder Scrolls Online then make sure to catch this episode of The ESO Vodcast!


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