The ESO Vodcast – Class Roundup

A group of Ebonheart players

Tune in for Soma and Deagen’s ultimate group setup!

Welcome back to another exciting episode of The ESO Vodcast, folks! We’ve recently finished with each individual class’ “skill breakdown” episode, but we aren’t quite done talking about the four classes of ESO just yet. Join us today for a roundup episode where we’ll discuss the newest Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack #8 which has some great new information that I’m sure you’ll love to hear. We’ll also be going over each class one last time to wrap up the last 2 weeks worth of episodes we’ve put out. We’ll debate what’s “OP”, what’s underwhelming, what we can’t wait for and more! The show will be wrapped up with questions from Tamriel Foundry members and from folks in the chat room. We hope you enjoy this more relaxed episode of the ESO Vodcast and be sure to tune in this Sunday for an in-depth look at the 3 melee weapon types you’ll be utilizing in Elder Scrolls Online; One-Hand and Shield, Dual-Wield and the Two-Handed weapon skill lines! Cheers and see you for the show!


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