The ESO Vodcast – Character Customization

Argonian Pose

What is your preferred Argonian nostril tilt?

It’s been quite a long time since the last news episode and we’re finally back and ready to discuss the latest ESO info that’s been released over the past week! We’ll start with the “Ask Us Anything Variety Pack #9″ that was released a couple of days ago. It gives us one or two incredibly interesting answers to say the least. After we wrap up the AUA we’ll move into the fantastic new video ZeniMax has released that showcases character creation and customization. Afterwards, we’ll jump into our main discussion topic; the Shoddy Cast interview with Nick Konkle. This interview gave the ESO community some great new exclusive information that we’ll be sure to cover! We’ll wrap the show with viewer questions and anything else Deagen and Soma spontaneously decide to announce or bring up. Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy the show!

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