Weekly Screenshot – Spriggan Matron

Good evening, Foundry faithful! I’m back with another screenshot of the week, in the series where I trawl the depths of ESO footage trying to land the big one; the most interesting screen capture I can find that illustrates some aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online. This week, we’ve got an adventurer who has come face to face with a formidable Spriggan Matron. These sylvan spirits of vengeance are often found in ruins where nature has reasserted it’s hold over the land.

Spriggan Matron

One of my favorite aspects of this screenshot is the model of the Spriggan itself. The folks from ZOS have said a number of times that they were able to re-use certain models from Skyrim, while re-texturing them to be appropriate for ESO. I suspect this is one of the examples where the NPC has been adapted directly from the Skyrim character model. The poses the Spriggan adopts are really dynamic and dangerous looking. I also love the leafy particle effect which swirls around the forest spirit. I also like the detailed metal of our hero’s sword, it is clearly heavily worn from use, and likely not made of advanced materials. It’s clear that the hard work ZeniMax have been putting into developing high-resolution textures for weapons in first-person view have been progressing well. The pink-ish magical effect which surrounds the weapon is unfamiliar. What type of magical proc do you think this greatsword has based on the color of it’s enchantment?

It’s also interesting to note the background, you would normally expect Spriggans to inhabit outdoor areas, but this seems to be a cave-like ruin which has become overgrown. The archway behind the creature has a slight Ayleid resemblance, and the evident age of these ruins supports that it could be of that era. If you look to the right of the creature, you can also see a peculiar phosphorescent plant that seems to be growing among the moss here. I’m suspect locations like this one may prove to be valuable sources of crafting materials in ESO.

What is your favorite part of this week’s screenshot? How do you think these ruins came to be overgrown and inhabited by dangerous Spriggans? Think the texture on the two-handed sword looks good, or too beaten up? What kind of enchantment do you think the weapon possesses? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!