Weekly Screenshot – Ship Graveyard

Well met, Foundry fans! It’s time to gather the party and venture forth into the wilderness of The Elder Scrolls Online. Each week I dig sift through the assortment of ESO footage in search of golden nuggets, images that reveal something insightful or interesting about the game. This week, I’ve got an environmental screen-cap of a makeshift fort that has been constructed on top of the bones of wrecked ships.

Ship Graveyard

Digging a bit deeper into this screenshot reveals a few interesting things about the setting. This obviously depicts a shore, given the numerous wrecked seafaring vessels. Moreover, the rugged mountains behind the wrecked ships suggest a rocky shoal that has spelled the demise of countless vessels. The abundant palm trees on the bottom of the picture suggest perhaps a more tropical climate in southern Tamriel. It’s possible that this is a southern shore of Elsweyr, a province where palm trees are known to be plentiful as evidenced by other ESO screenshots. Interestingly, the wreckage has been transformed into a makeshift fortress of sorts. A series of rope bridges connects the fragmented pieces of ships, and lights in the ship windows imply that these vessels are still actively inhabited.

There are a number of NPCs patrolling the tops of the boats, they are difficult to make out with certainty, but their stature and apparent skin tone suggests they may be Dunmer. The look and feel of this environment suggests to me this may be a pirate cove or a bandit hideout. I have trouble imagining a group of upstanding citizens living in this camp, not to mention the alleged Dunmer presence in what could be the heart of Aldmeri Dominion territory.

What features of this scene jump out at you as the most interesting aspects of this ESO environment? Are you excited to climb all over this ship graveyard and (potentially) fight the band of ruffians that dwell inside? What story would you make up to explain this fairly bizarre camp arrangement? Where do you think this might be in Tamriel, and who do you think lives in these wrecked vessels? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!