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Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site

The Mage Sage, War-master Wheeler, Creature Combat Maven – Maria “All Pro” Aliprando, Grand Inquisitor of Community Relations – Jessica Folsom, along with other representatives from Zenimax journeyed to the annual Pax Prime gathering. There they encouraged amateur heroes and adventurers alike to take up the sword and staff in support of their chosen faction for the coming war against Molage Bal and the fight for the Ruby Throne! Would-be heroes of all stripes waited upwards of 3 hours to glimpse into the many scrying mirrors, on hand, to see what the future holds for them in Tamriel!

The Mages at Zenimax have put forth a contest seeking the next big ‘emote’ and are requesting the help of all citizens! The Mages will select original emotes, submitted by citizens, to be included in the official “Customs, Greetings and Gestures of Tamriel” tome. To enter, citizens will need to submit a short scrying mirror, depicting their ‘emote’, to the White Gold Tower no later than Friday, September 27 at 11:59EDT

The Mages at Zenimax would like to remind all citizens that scrying mirrors, depicting the Orsimer mating dance known as “twerking”, will immediately be smashed.


Happenings At Tamriel Foundry


Archduke Atropos and companions ventured to Pax Prime and brought back reports, lists, and an interview directly from the official delegation from the White Gold Tower. The Mage Sage was queried and a scrying mirror was created so that citizens could review the information for themselves.

Archduke Atropos is still hard at work updating and adding some new features to TF! In addition to a substantial amount of back-end optimizations, users can look forward to new systems that promote quality discussion, improved user profiles, and comprehensive aesthetic improvements to the look and browsing experience on TF pages. Citizens will be able to experience these new features in the near future!


Happenings from the ESO Community

The Nobles from Elder Scrolls Off the Record had the chance to speak with the Mage Sage about many topics, including the Undaunted dungeoneers, Veterans affairs, Stores and other fun stuff! They were able to record their conversation with the Mage Sage and have made it available to all citizens.

Thanks to @lorelai for bringing this to our attention! And thanks to @ozolus for providing a bullet-list summary of the conversation. Lorelai’s post, including Ozolus’s summary can be found here.

The noteworthy Bard, Force, discusses his thoughts about the Mages at Zenimax allowing minions of the Daedric Lord, S’ONY to join the fight against Molag Bal. Furthermore, S’ONY’s minions will help decide which faction will take the Ruby Throne! Surely the the Mages at Zenimax struck an equitable deal with the Daedric Lord, S’ONY.

That Is All!