Skill Overview – Templar

A Templar will be valuable to any group.

A Templar will be valuable to any group.

Hey Foundry fans, it’s time to dig into another skill overview for the Templar class in The Elder Scrolls Online. Phazius here, and I’m going to be fleshing out the skill information that we were able to scrape from the QuakeCon demo in early August. These expanded skill descriptions are drawn from the ESO version which was recently playable at PAX Prime and is on display this week at London’s Eurogamer Expo. The Templar provides players with a versatile base capable of covering three distinct combat roles. The skill lines themselves in the Templar class seem to more clearly differentiate their area of focus, unlike the Sorcerer from earlier this week where the usefulness of their class skills seems a bit mixed across roles. Most notably, the Templar class provides the only opportunity we have seen thusfar for a player to act as their group’s main healer without specializing in the use of a Restoration Staff. Additionally, Templars look like they should make capable tanks, as well as possibly the hardest hitting natural ranged nuking class in the game! Let’s dig into the skill lines themselves to see why.


Aedric Spear

While there is not spear weapon line in ESO, these skills draw inspiration from the weapon, conjuring a magical spear of light. For the many spear enthusiasts, the Templar class may offer a reasonable chance to incorporate your favorite weapon into your ESO gameplay regardless of whether it is eventually added as an expansion weapon type. These skills reinforce the holy warrior theme of the Templar, but give the player enough tools to remain a versatile and mobile fighter.

  • [Ultimate] Radial Sweep – Sweeps a conjured weapon in a deadly arc, dealing Magic damage to all enemies around you.
  • [Active] Puncturing Strikes – A four hit attack dealing chained damage to any foes in front of you, the final hit knocks back the closest enemy.
  • [Active] Piercing Javelin – Hurl a spear, dealing damage and knocking the target backwards.
  • [Active] Focused Charge – Charge to an enemy, interrupting them and dealing Magic damage.
  • [Active] Spear Shards – Deals Magic damage to all enemies in a target area. One target is disoriented for a short duration. An ally may pick up the spear granting both of you bonus damage for a short time.
  • [Active] Sun Shield – Create a damage absorption shield with strength based on your maximum health, dealing damage to nearby enemies on activation. The shield returns a damage and is replenished by a small amount each time it is struck by an enemy. The Templar no longer regenerates Magicka while the shield holds.
  • [Passive] Piercing Spear – Increases the critical strike chance with spear abilities and deal bonus damage to blocking targets.
  • [Passive] Spear Wall – Increase the amount of damage you block while you have a spear ability slotted.
  • [Passive] Burning Light – Adds a chance to deal bonus damage with spear skills.
  • [Passive] Balanced Warrior – Increases your weapon power and spell resistance by a small amount.
A Templar hurls Piercing Javelin into an undead foe

A Templar hurls Piercing Javelin into an undead foe

The Aedric Spear skill line presents and interesting combination of offensive and defensive abilities. This line mixes several knock backs, a damage shield, and some crowd control with raw damage. The combination of Radial Sweep and Spear Shards makes it seem like a spear Templar could be a strong AoE clearing character. Perhaps the best skill in the line is Piercing Javelin, acting as a being a (somewhat) spammable knock down, the Templar could potentially keep a foe indefinitely at bay using javelin provided he doesn’t run out of Magicka. Focused Charge is really nice for more melee-centric Templars, not only because it’s a gap closer but it also draws off your Magicka pool, leaving your Stamina intact to unleash melee attacks once you close to your target. It seems like Sun Shield might have the biggest PvE upside of all the Aedric Spear skills, although it would take a Templar tank who dedicates himself to maximizing his Health pool to capitalize on it. A damage absorption shield which scales based on your hit point pool seems really powerful, especially since the shield replenishes itself a small amount with each hit. This should make it an excellent ability to use against trash mobs, and players who attack very quickly. The passives seem to offer a balanced mixture of offensive and defensive bonuses, and seem to suggest that the One-Handed and Shield weapon line may be an attractive choice for Aedric Spear fans.


Dawn’s Wrath

The Dawn’s Wrath line focuses heavily on damage dealing, channeling the raw power of the Sun to damage, stun, and blind enemies. PRAISE THE SUN! The ranged DPS potential for a Magicka based templar hurling spells from afar seems considerable, and I suspect this may be the go-to tree for glass cannon mages.

  • [Ultimate] Nova – Calls forth a miniature sun at your target location, causing all nearby enemies to deal less damage while taking damage over time. Allies may activate the Supernova synergy, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in the area.
  • [Active] Sun Fire – Hurls a white-hot projectile at an enemy, dealing both initial damage and additional damage over time. The target is snared for a short duration.
  • [Active] Solar Flare – Deal damage to the target and any nearby enemies; affected foes takes extra damage from the next attack.
  • [Active] Backlash – Stores up incoming damage, when the effect ends nearby enemies each take some base damage plus the full amount of damage taken by the Templar during the Backlash duration.
  • [Active] Eclipse – The Templar reflects negative single target spells back towards enemy casters. Re-casting the Eclipse spell becomes more expensive for a short time.
  • [Active] Blinding Light – Causes all incoming enemy attacks to miss. Sometimes a missed attack causes the attacker to become off-balance.
  • [Passive] Enduring Rays – Increases the duration of all Dawn’s Wrath abilities.
  • [Passive] Prism – Gain additional Ultimate when activating a Dawn’s Wrath ability.
  • [Passive] Illuminate – Take less incoming damage from enemies which are affected by your Dawn’s Wrath abilities.
  • [Passive] Restoring Spirit – Restore a small amount of Magicka when activating an ability.
Sun Fire mid-flight as it arcs towards an enemy goblin.

Sun Fire mid-flight as it arcs towards an enemy goblin.

As mentioned above, the Dawn’s Wrath skill line has a tremendous amount of potential to act as a dedicated ranged nuker. Nova presents a very strong AoE ultimate which should pair effectively with ultimates in other class lines, although it is best used in a group where an ally can activate it’s additional damage and stun component. Sun Fire seems like a bread and butter skill, particularly in PvP for the snare and DoT which it applies. Backlash seems like a very interesting skill, while it doesn’t provide any actual defensive benefit, if the Templar can be supported with strong group healing, wading headfirst into a crowd of enemies and allowing Backlash to do work could be an effective bombing strategy. Eclipse seems like an incredible weapon in the duelist’s toolkit, skillfully reflecting incoming enemy spells. The passives in this tree give a Templar nuker really great efficiency with increased duration on your DoTs, automatic application of debuffs, and extra Ultimate and Magicka generation. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound like Restoring Spirit is linked exclusively to Dawn’s Wrath abilities, making it an absolutely “must-buy” for Templar healers as well.


Restoring Light

The Restoring Light skill line provides an intriguing opportunity for players to operate as a full group healer without being constrained to use of the Restoration Staff weapon line. This line is fully compatible with the Paladin-esque feel of the Templar for those who enjoy the holy warrior archetype.

  • [Ultimate] Rite of Passage – Channels a restorative aura; nearby allies take less damage while channeling. Heals the caster while channeling.
  • [Active] Rushed Ceremony – Heals a nearby wounded ally.
  • [Active] Healing Ritual – Heals all nearby allies, the caster receives additional healing.
  • [Active] Restoring Aura – When slotted; you have increased Stamina and Health regeneration. When activated; allies regenerate Health and Stamina at a faster rate.
  • [Active] Cleansing Ritual – Instantly removes a negative effect from the caster and heals allies in an area. Allies may activate Purify, removing all negative effects.
  • [Active] Rune Focus – Creates an area of self protection, gaining immunity to interrupt effects and taking less damage while the effect lasts.
  • [Passive] Master Ritualist – Increased resurrection speed, players are resurrected with additional health with a chance of not consuming a soul gem in the process.
  • [Passive] Light Weaver – Your Restoring Light abilities gain the following effects; Restoring Aura – duration increased, Healing Ritual – cost reduced, Rite of Passage – take less damage while channeling.
  • [Passive] Mending – Increases the critical strike chance of Restoring Light abilities on allies. The magnitude of increase is based on the amount of health the ally is missing.
  • [Passive] Focused Healing – Increases the healing done to allies standing in your areas of protection (Rite of Passage, Cleansing Ritual, and Rune Focus).
A Templar healer is an interesting option for melee groups

A Templar healer is an interesting option for melee groups

I think the first interesting thing is that the healing passives are exclusive to Restoring Light and don’t interact with Restoration Staff heals. Rite of Passage focuses on reducing the damage your allies take, without actually healing them. Of course, the morphs that this ultimate unlock could add direct healing as well. Until we know about the morphs for sure, this seems like more of a support skill than healing. Rushed Ceremony and Healing Ritual both sound like useful instant heals, this allows Templars to be mobile combat healers without needing to channel from relative safety. Healing Ritual looks like it heals a close range around the caster, with extra healing on you, it could be the go to heal for PvP healing. Cleansing Ritual is the only way to dispel negative effects that we’ve seen so far but having it locked to a class line there’s bound to be one somewhere else. Rune Focus should be really strong in a PvP context, albeit at the expense of mobility.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this enhanced overview of the Templar class, be sure to chime in with your thoughts on the opportunities in these skill trees. Let us know in the comment section which abilities jump out at you, how do you think a Templar healer will function relative to a more traditional backline Resto Staff caster. Do you agree that the Dawn’s Wrath line is the best starting point for powerhouse magic-based DPS? Leave your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more skill overviews next week!

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    Orc Sorcerer

    Great article

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    Argonian Nightblade

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    now we got all classes skill lines :) it’ll be useful to start builds. Can’t wait to see the other ones (guilds, races etc.)

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    Yessss!!!!!! Been waiting for this. Thanks @Phazius

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    Great to hear! Thanks for going through it :)

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    Nord Dragonknight

    I never thought… But now, I have doubts whether it will be my main character ‘-‘

    Gz @Phazius and TF team for this excellent work

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    Aldmeri Templar

    The sun shield skill and the restoring aura make me want to play a templar tank rather then a DK tank… both have such nice skills… this is why my class choice bounces from day to day…

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    I thought I was 100% set on my char class…now I just do not know, lol.  Too many awesome options in all 4 classes.

    However, after reading this article I am leaning towards a full on Nord Templar healer.  Heavy armor, 2 handed Mace.

    Good stuff.

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    Imperial Nightblade

    very interesting its hard to pick the class i want to play the most

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    Altmer Templar

    Finally! Now we only need the Resto staff skills and we can finally build a real healing character. Can’t wait to test it ingame

    Healer-addict looking for an awesome mature hardcore PvE team to hopefully progress fast and successfully through the various end-game challenges. 

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Interesting. It’ll be a lot harder to make a Templar tank than a sorc or DK. But templars have a lot better dps than I expected, both melee and ranged. I forsee a big contest between storm calling and dawn’s wrath for the best caster. So much to look forward to.

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    Breton Templar


    Does solar flare affect only the next solar flare attack?

    I was thinking of a Solar Flare followed by Nova to increase Nova’s damage.

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    Are they skill lines this short or are they just some parts of the full  skill line?

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    Bosmer Templar

    I’m glad to see the templar skills, thanks @Phazius. I’m definitely going to use a lot of dawn’s wrath as well one-handed/shield. Aedric spear looks interesing, but I’m think I’ll focus on DW and RL.

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    Breton Templar

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    Do the passives for resto staff and restoring light stack?  Which guild do you think would be better for a Restoring Light/Dawns Wrath Templar, Mages or Fighters?

    Leader of Phoenix Battalion

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    Altmer Templar

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    @Glak – I believe solar flare is suppose to work on the next ability no matter what it is.

    I definitely think that Templar will be the best (most versatile) healing class and a very solid mage and melee dps. I think that their tanking will be very weak in comparison to DKs and NBs and even Sorcs. That being said, I still think Templar is one of the most appealing classes in the game, and will probably be my first choice of character on release.

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    Orc Templar

    Thanks for posting this!  I have been waiting for this type of info for some time now.  Just a few (hopefully no more than 7) more months to go.

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    I’m missing my Mastertheorycrafter in here :D

    So I hope, we all see now that templar is as good as nearly any class as a tank. Just 2 skills could be usefull as a tank here.

    Make a DD or a Healer out of the templar or better stick with another class ;)

    Vollendet in Wahnfried, ich sage nichts weiter.

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    Breton Templar

    This is fantastic! And now it is making my choice so hard!

    I thought my Redguard could be a suitable Sorcerer warrior at first, but now I am almost sold on a Dawn’s Wrath and Restoring Light Templar. Some awesome skills with Dawn’s Wrath, most notably Blinding Light, Illuminate, and Restoring Spirit. Pretty much the entire Restoring Light line is SO awesome. Very excited!

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    Nothing changes, the plan goes all nice and smooth. The burning Light of Dawn will burn the fiends that dwell in the shadows!

    Might light guide me, towards what I think is right.

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    Argonian Nightblade

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    Aedric Spear line is the only line I find interesting; nice balance between offense and defense.

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