Introducing The ESO Vodcast

dragon-wingsI’m excited to announce that Tamriel Foundry will be featuring a new recurring video podcast, or vodcast if you will, from well known TwitchTV streamers, internet personalities, and all-around handsome devils @Soma and @DeagenThe ESO Vodcast will feature weekly analysis of the latest news from around the Elder Scrolls Online community with a slant towards discussion of mechanics and powergaming, with a splash of all-around fun and shenanigans. As viewers, you can expect the show to take a pragmatic angle on the game from the perspective of MMO veterans who know how the genre works, and aren’t afraid to tell it to you straight. I hope you’ll all consider tuning in each week, starting tonight at 10:30pm EST for the first episode of the show’s partnership with Tamriel Foundry.

Yours truly, @Atropos, will be joining as a special guest on this week’s episode. Soma and Deagen will take us through their vision for the vodcast moving forward, our reactions to the latest “Ask Us Anything” responses from ZeniMax Online, and an in-depth review of all the Dragonknight class skills. We’ll dig into what skill combinations jump out at us, and what some of our power builds will look like for the Dragonknight class. Also, as part of every episode, Soma and Deagen will be taking questions from the audience both before, and during the show. Be sure to bring your questions, or go ahead and post them ahead of time in the comments section of this article and we’ll answer as many as we can. Be sure to tune in tonight to watch the show LIVE, and if you miss the broadcast check back on this page to catch the replay.


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