The ESO Vodcast – Sorcerer Breakdown

Tune in to catch all the sorcerer details!

Hello fellow ESO nerds. It’s exciting to be doing another episode of the ESO Vodcast so soon! This Saturday’s ESO Vodcast episode is exclusively about the Sorcerer class skill lines and will have our hosts, @Deagen and @Soma, going over each of the class’s active and passive skills, one ability at a time. Expect to hear some theory-crafting, pros and cons of certain abilities in specific situations, a couple of examples of interesting builds that you might see in-game and more! The episode will wrap with viewer questions and any random stuff we decide to shout out. Be sure to submit your questions for the show by either messaging them on twitter (@SomaJT and @DeagenTV), responding here to the article on Tamriel Foundry, or just posting them into the live chat on Twitch. If you’re excited to learn about what skills the Sorcerer will be working with in Elder Scrolls Online then don’t miss this episode!

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47 responses to “The ESO Vodcast – Sorcerer Breakdown”

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    Bosmer Templar

    Does the Daedric Summoning passive, Power Stone, reduce the cost of Overload attacks?

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    Argonian Templar


    Great, I’ll definitely tune in tonight.

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    Altmer Nightblade


    I believe it does. We’ll bring it up in the Vodcast tonight. :D

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    Imperial Nightblade

    i always get confused im in the Central time zone, I am thinking it will only be 530 here but not sure

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    Yes, could you guys be so nice and also post the GMT ?

    Vollendet in Wahnfried, ich sage nichts weiter.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    1.     Expert Mage

    [Passive] Expert Mage – Reduces the cost of all lightning-based spells
    Does this passive reduce the cost of every Storm Calling spell, including for example Bolt Escape and Surge?

    (It probably does, but then it should say “Storm Calling” instead of “lightning-based” in the tooltip, unless there are non-Storm-Calling spells elsewhere in the game that are also affected.)


    2.     Magicka Regeneration mechanic

    Is magicka regeneration a percentage of the character’s maximum magicka, or a flat amount?


    3.     Magicka Regeneration amount

    Could you hazard a guess as to what the in-combat percentage for magicka regeneration might be?  5% of our maximum magicka per second, perhaps?


    4.     Capacitor

    [Passive] Capacitor – Increases Magicka regeneration.

    If Capacitor increases the Sorcerer’s magicka regen by (let’s just suppose) 10%, does it raise the normal in-combat magicka regen from 5% per second to 5.5% per second?


    5.     Mage’s Fury

    I have heard speculation that Mage’s Fury might deal its bonus damage several seconds after the spell hits the target.  If this is true, can Mage’s Fury be cast several times in a row on the same target, or would the Sorcerer have to wait until the first Mage’s Fury blast actually went off before casting another Mage’s Fury (because the second cast might just overwrite the explosion debuff, resulting in only one explosion…eventually)?

    (If the Sorcerer has to wait, this would force a rotation-based casting requirement on Sorcerers, which is something ZOS has said they want to avoid.)




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    Breton Sorcerer

    Is it me or does the dark magic line seem to start off like a solid CC pvp tree (reminds me a bit of the sorc from DAoC) then just falls off with 2 actives that dont synergize at all with daedric mines and dark exchange? Sure mines would be good to lay in a keep door or at a flag but how much more situational can they make it lol. Dark exchange just seem like the one that is super out of place in this tree. Thoughts?

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    Yol Qo


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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Knights of the Blood Oath

    Question about the passive that gives regen if you have a summoning ability slotted. Do you think this means slotting an ability from the Daedric Summoning tree, or any ability that summons something, including things like Dark Elf ultimate, and/or excluding things in the Daedric Summoning tree that aren’t exactly summons.

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    Argonian Templar

    Does streaming not work for IPad?I have a black square with nothing in it.

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    Orc Sorcerer


    Plethora said on September 28, 2013 :

    Does streaming not work for IPad?I have a black square with nothing in it.

    Are you using the twitch app for iPad?

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    You guys keep talking about pushing guys back and kiteing……I counted more than one Charge ability and some spell reflects. My mace and board Templar will be on you all the time. Better just plan on being in melee 50% of the time at least.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Sooo…. Where’s the vid?

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    Breton Sorcerer

    Plethora said on September 28, 2013 :

    Does streaming not work for IPad?I have a black square with nothing in it.

    I use dolphin browser for tablets on my Nexus 10 and I have it setup to support flash so it works great.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Anyone? I’m just seeing some random stream.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Entropy Rising

    Zorkaluk said on September 28, 2013 :

    Sooo…. Where’s the vid?

    Episode was already livestreamed.  I’m sure a YouTube video is incoming sooner or later.

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    Boromir WolfsBane


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    Nord Templar


    Can’t wait for more info!!! :D


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    Imperial Sorcerer

    Entropy Rising

    Video replay is now embedded, be sure to check it out if you missed the live stream!

    Founder, creator, and developer of Tamriel Foundry.


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    Breton Dragonknight

    Good stuff! cant wait for the NDA to go down and get some real gameplay/skills theory crafting going on.

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    Draagh gro-Urukgoth


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    Orc Nightblade

    Sorcerer seems like it is going to be a good class.

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    so, Lightning form, Mundus stone Atronach, Breton racials maybe, perhaps an enchant, considering the lightning form said “increasing your damage reduction” I wonder if it would work for magic resist too and along with that potentially making absorb more efficient… that in conjunction with dark magic abilities being able to heal while being tanky perhaps a sorcerer could be a game changer… if your depending on absorbs its not like you need light armor… with actives of your choice… might want one that takes stamina and transfers it to health and mana, it might even be severely potent with stamina stacking with armor and with a Templar, ya… with only using 3 actives im looking at a near (if built correctly) Hard to stop machine, at this point its dealers choice… perhaps have overload with a lightning staff, maybe even a shock atronach and take advantage of the lightning based class passives if possible. This, is lookin Fine guys, but given its all based on probabilities just going to have to wait to test it out… I know im excited… just gotta get that build right…

    all the complaints I hear just make me want to complain about those complaints… all the bad things they state theres a decently-better reason for it and if you cant understand, well i guess its just me. its depressing just trying to get opinions I might actually find, Autotelic, it really explains it. :D the motivation to enjoy, instead of being driven.

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