The ESO Vodcast – Sorcerer Breakdown

Tune in to catch all the sorcerer details!

Hello fellow ESO nerds. It’s exciting to be doing another episode of the ESO Vodcast so soon! This Saturday’s ESO Vodcast episode is exclusively about the Sorcerer class skill lines and will have our hosts, @Deagen and @Soma, going over each of the class’s active and passive skills, one ability at a time. Expect to hear some theory-crafting, pros and cons of certain abilities in specific situations, a couple of examples of interesting builds that you might see in-game and more! The episode will wrap with viewer questions and any random stuff we decide to shout out. Be sure to submit your questions for the show by either messaging them on twitter (@SomaJT and @DeagenTV), responding here to the article on Tamriel Foundry, or just posting them into the live chat on Twitch. If you’re excited to learn about what skills the Sorcerer will be working with in Elder Scrolls Online then don’t miss this episode!

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