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Map BookLong-time Tamriel Foundry members may remember a series of articles that were published back in May of this year that outlined the results of a massive community survey that we ran.  This original survey was a huge success (with nearly 1,100 responses), and it provided the Elder Scrolls Online community with some interesting points of discussion regarding factions and play styles. If you missed the results of the original survey, be sure to catch them here:

At the time, I wrote that we may do another survey later in 2013 to see where the community has shifted as more information has been released by ZeniMax.  Now that the convention season is over and we have a lot more information to sift through, I thought that this would be a perfect time to release a second survey.

This new survey not only has more questions, but it contains opportunities for deeper analysis that we hope will demonstrate how community sentiment has evolved in response to some of the more recent announcements regarding the game.  As a point of clarification, I want to point out that this is more than just a poll, this survey will be analyzed by the staff of Tamriel Foundry, and the results presented to the community in a fashion that demonstrates trends between this survey and the previous survey.

The previous survey was run for only a handful of days.  This time we are going to run this survey until Friday, September 27th in order to obtain the maximum number of results possible in order to give the ESO community the best data we can. Please take a few minutes to share your opinions, and encourage any of your fellow ESO fans to do the same!

Take the September 2013 Community Survey

Aldmeri Khajiit

136 responses to “ESO Community Survey Redux”

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    Imperial Sorcerer

    Entropy Rising

    Great idea, Nybling. I’m going to take the survey now!

    Founder, creator, and developer of Tamriel Foundry.


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    Bosmer Templar

    YEEESSS! I have been waiting for another one, and this time I get to participate!

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    Breton Nightblade

    Thank you for putting this together @Nybling I am really looking forward to the results.

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    Great survey. Complete.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Entropy Rising

    Thanks for your responses guys. :)

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    Argonian Templar

    cool survey and good questions! When will we be able to see the results or won’t we?




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    Kaan Ulfbrandr


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    Ebonheart Dragonknight

    Legacy of the Companions

    This is a great idea! I never got to take part in the other surveys, so it was interesting seeing this one. Now we just wait for results…..

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    Khajiit Dragonknight

    Caravanners of Elsweyr

    Great survey, can’t wait for Zenimax to hear our voice.

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    Argonian Nightblade

    The Ebon Raiders

    I hate waiting for results; it’s always so stressful.

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    Vladimyr Angelos


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    Dunmer Dragonknight


    Can’t wait to see the results for this next survey, especially after all of this new info coming to light. I’m curious about just how the subscription model will change which players will do what, and hopefully there is also some more balancing with who will join what faction.


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    Bosmer Templar

    Hopefully this will be posted in the 25th Tamriel Chronicle to get more responses. Can’t wait to see the results, thanks @Nybling!

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    Breton Templar


    Interesting to see how many still want to be a nightblade.

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    Shadow Wolf


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    Imperial Templar

    Good survey

    The hunt is on 

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    Breton Templar

    These surveys are a great way to judge expectations among the Tamriel Foundry crowd.  One thing to consider, of course, is that this is not necessarily an accurate reflection of the players of ESO.  The fact that we are surfing to websites for a game that doesn’t have a release date would make us part of the more hardcore crowd I’d say, which is why, for example, a VERY small percent have never played an MMO.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Brillant, updated statics are indeed, nice I salute you.

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    Argonian Templar


    Can’t wait to see the results!

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Entropy Rising

    For those who want results… we are keeping this open until Sept 27th, so the results will likely be sometime in early October. :)

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    Saturos Hawkheart


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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Awesome, loved the last two surveys and looking forward to reading the results of this one!

    In Pacis, Vigilantiae 

    In Bellum, Victoria

    In Mortem, Sacrificium

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    Orc Templar

    Thanks for running this!  Survey submitted.

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    Breton Nightblade

    Nice follow-up survey, Nybling.

    Despite my feeling like I did not learn very much new information (or at least things that concerned me) since the last survey, I did notice that a few of my answers did change.

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