Weekly Screenshot – Coldharbour Village

Whats up Foundry fans, it’s time to break it down for another screenshot dissection. (Almost) every week I crack open the vault of ESO footage and unearth a single screen capture that I believe demonstrates something interesting about The Elder Scrolls Online. This time around, it’s a scene straight from the suburbs of Coldharbour, the plane of Molag Bal.

Coldharbour Village

I think this scene is interesting, because in most of the previous footage of Coldharbour, the locales we have seen look climactic. The environments seem like dungeons, or boss arenas, or other areas where main plot events might unfold. This screenshot, in comparison shows a ruined village; indicating that not only is Coldharbour filled with gargantuan stone architecture, temples, shrines, and vaults, but also the enslaved souls have their own ghettos that dot the landscape. We have often seen these “enslaved” wearing rags with their heads hanging in despair in several videos. I wonder if they will be hostile to the player, or vacant of reaction.

Several enslaved congregate around a crystalline well which likely serves some arcane purpose. Most of the houses are ruined, whether by age, war, or elements it is difficult to tell. The large building in the background looks almost inhabitable, with a working door and an intact roof. In the background rises what appears to be a gigantic mountain citadel, it’s huge rocks encircled with metal buttresses and spires. I think ZeniMax’ use of blue lighting and eerie fog does a good job of capturing the ethereal and haunting nature of this Daedric plane.

What do you all think about this scene, does anything jump out at you? Could Coldharbour offer us more opportunity to explore the plane than simply bite-sized plot encounters? Even in TES4: Oblivion, the game that allowed players the most contact with other Daedric planes, we were limited to small areas at a time. What if ZeniMax surprised us all by including an entire continent of Coldharbour in the release of ESO? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!