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Before we round up this past week’s news; Archduke Atropos would like to address the citizenry of Tamriel Foundry…
The original TF forums

The original TF forums

Greetings Foundry followers, today is a proud day for myself and for the staff here at Tamriel Foundry. August 11th, 2013 marks the one year milestone of our launch as a website, and it’s pretty incredible to see the direction this community has taken. I undertook this project as a hobby, expecting that Tamriel Foundry would be a sandbox allowing me to improve my web development techniques, share some thoughts on ESO with friends, and hopefully have some people in the community grow to care about my articles. Little did I anticipate that this project could grow into such a fantastic gathering place for the pre-launch community. I think our collective focus on mature and relevant discussion has been exemplary, and I take great satisfaction in the fact that TF is one of the best MMO-centric forum communities I have seen.

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride and we’ve certainly had our share of growing pains, but the site has come so far since we first opened our doors. Despite the huge strides TF has made as a community, I’m not content to rest on my laurels. I’ve been hard at work on a big theme update to Tamriel Foundry and in the coming months you can expect a big wave of stylistic improvements, enhanced usability features, rich user profile options, improved guild support, and many more changes.

I’d like to register a big thank you with a number of individuals and groups who have made this experience so enjoyable for me.

  • First and foremost, the tremendous moderation staff at Tamriel Foundry who does an exemplary job of keeping the forums tidy and on-point, giving me the time to develop new site features.
  • The extremely supportive community team at ZeniMax Online Studios who have shown amazing willingness to work with Tamriel Foundry and help promote our website.
  • Our guest contributors who have volunteered their time to author fantastic front-page content.
  • My guild members in Entropy Rising who act as guinea pigs and sounding boards for new ideas, and are never afraid to tell me when something is only “pretty good”.
  • Our (at the time of writing) 10,580 members who have taken the time to register on Tamriel Foundry, especially those of you who routinely and enthusiastically contribute to discussion on a daily basis.

Thank you for all for supporting Tamriel Foundry thus-far, and I can’t wait to see where this community will be in another year as we embark together into The Elder Scrolls Online!

- Atropos


Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site

The Wizards at Zenimax have put out the call for all able bodied adventurers to assist them in an upcoming “ritual”. Those citizens wishing to answer the call can visit the White Gold Tower for further information.

The Mage Sage presented a live scrying session (view-able below, thanks to IGN) that followed a group of brave adventurers as they rooted out goblins from the Fungal Grotto, a known hive of Goblin activity. The TAA (Tamriel Animal Alliance) vigorously protested the viewing, calling the public display of Goblin hunting outrageous and beneath the civilized peoples of Tamriel. A representative from the Fungal Grotto Goblins quickly denounced the support of the TAA, citing that Goblins are…Goblins, not animals. In supporting the TAA’s position, the TF Wayfarers Union confirmed that the Fungal Grotto is indeed beneath the civilized peoples of Tamriel.


Happenings At Tamriel Foundry

And the winner is…

On July 14th Archduke Atropos held a contest asking citizens which confirmed game mechanic, for the Elder Scrolls Online, they were most excited about. The prize…a tabbard signed by some of the Zenimax mages.

Congratulations to @NerevarDunmer !!! You have won the ESO tabbard! Wear it proudly and never wash it!


Happenings from the ESO Community

Once again the ESO All Stars gathered to discuss recent happenings surrounding ESO. This meeting saw the addition of two new members. Force, from Force Strategy Gaming and Road, from Twonk Hammer. Again, the panel did not include any females. And again, it likely had something to do with the presence of Cox.

For those that missed the live cast, you can listen to the audio at The Quest Gaming Network, or you can view the scrying mirror below.

That Is All!