Weekly Screenshot Dissection – Leaping Wings

It’s time to take the leap for yet another weekly screenshot dissection. Every week I infiltrate ZeniMax’ stores of Elder Scrolls Online footage and swindle them out of their most dynamic screen captures for your viewing enjoyment! This week’s installment showcases an exciting action shot from the E3 footage, of an armored warrior leaping forward propelled by huge reptilian wings. Let’s dig a little deeper to figure out what might be going on in this scene.


The warrior himself is a heavily armored axe wielder, although by far his most prominent feature is the massive bat-like wings which have enabled him to leap forward through the air. Whether the wings are a temporary enhancement, or a permanent feature is an interesting point for discussion. We know there is a vampirism skill line in ESO, maybe these wings are a manifestation of those abilities? Alternatively, they could belong to the Dragonknight class, who draws power from fire and draconic heritage. Either way, one thing is for certain, this guy is basically a Chaos Space Marine.

Whoever this formidable winged warrior is, he is accompanied by two companions, one which appers to be a lightly armored skirmisher wearing cloth robes and wielding a sword and shield. The second companion in the background seems to be wearing leather armor and wielding a staff. Together, the three adventures are exploring some sort of underground ruin or tomb. The intimidating architecture in the background implies that this is not a friendly place for tourists. Hopefully our band of heroes has arrived to dispense justice to the forces of evil which dwell within.

To soak in this week’s screenshot in full resolution, click here! What do you think about the winged ability on display here? Are you excited about this being in game? Think it’s too over-the-top? Do you think it’s more likely that this is a Vampire ability, or something belonging to the Dragonknight class? Does anything else about this screenshot jump out at you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!