Weekly Screenshot – Burning Dremora

It’s time to light it up for yet another weekly screenshot dissection. Every week I wrangle up a stray screenshot to be dissected for your entertainment. This time around is a scene that veterans from PAX may recognize as the first public dungeon in the Daggerfall Covenant. Check out this week’s screenshot for a dramatic scene of adventurers battling a fearsome Dremora.



This scene depicts the finale of the public dungeon Bad Man’s Hollow, in the Daggerfall Covenant zone of Glenumbra. I was able to experience this dungeon at PAX East, and it provides a very enjoyable experience with it’s own unique story arc. Don’t worry, I’ll avoid spoilers apart from some very general details! Public dungeons mean that players can all enter a shared dungeon space packed with bosses, chests, achievements, and enemies to fight. While you can certainly enter with a pre-formed group, these areas present a good opportunity to spontaneously meet other players. Remember, the combat system in ESO does not require you to be grouped with other players in order to still earn experience, quest credit, and loot.

In this scene, a party of three players are fighting a Dremora who is engulfed in magical flames. An orc tank holds the bosses’ attention while a dual wielding Dragonknight and a lightly armored mage assist in taking down this Daedra. Some interesting features of this screenshot include a good view of the Dragonknight’s armor ability in action which causes molten spikes to erupt all over her body, granting increased protection. You can see from the mage’s equipment that robes in ESO really are light armor, rather than simply clothing. In general the armor aesthetics of all three archetypes seem to feature a nice balance between realism and flair. Another interesting aspect of this screenshot is the mist effect shrouding the rocks in the background. It’s hard to tell from this still image whether it is water vapor, smoke, or both, but from my experience playing ESO I was frequently impressed by how beautiful their dynamic weather effects are in the game.

Be sure to check out the full resolution screenshot here. What strikes you the most about this scene, is there some detail that jumps out at you? How do you think the public dungeons will play out in ESO? Do you think that the armor styles and spell effects maintain a nice level of realism, or would you rather have a bit more flair? Let us know in the comment section below!