Weekly Screenshot – Bosmer Vale

It’s time, once again, to explore the unknown with another weekly screenshot dissection. Each week I meander through the archives of ESO video footage to illuminate a single interesting screen capture that demonstrates some facet of ESO gameplay. This week, we have a lush vale, shrouded in mist and fog, that a troupe of armed Bosmer zealously guard against intruders.

Bosmer Vale

I find this screenshot intriguing for a number of reasons. To put this scene in context, I can say that this screenshot was taken from a short video sequence in which a party of adventurers from the Ebonheart Pact are advancing through this swampy environment. I suspect we are witnessing a scene from one of ESO‘s many group dungeons. The two protagonists that are visible in this frame are a medium-armor wearing Argonian, dual wielding daggers, and a slightly more heavily armored Nord with a two-handed battleaxe. The heroes are confronted by a band of Bosmer, which look intent on repelling the interlopers from their forest domain.

In the background, a giant spider is preoccupied with a large dark mound of some sort and is uninterested in the impending battle, at least for now. From the sheer size of this spider and the dramatic openness of the clearing it inhabits, I would hazard to guess that this is a boss encounter. The scenario poses an interesting question about the locale of this screenshot. The swamp-like environment suggests either Blackmarsh or the alleged mangrove swamps of coastal Valenwood. Both locations seem plausible, as the players hail from the Ebonheart Pact, this could certainly be a Blackmarsh location in which the heroes are repelling an invading clan of Bosmer who have sought refuge within the swamp. Alternatively, this could be in the Bosmeri province of Valenwood, with the Ebonheart players on the offensive.

It is interesting to observe that several of the Bosmer wield what appear to be spears, a popular weapon type which will not be wield-able by players at the launch of ESO. It is interesting to see evidence that spears may be in the game, however, leaving the door open to their possible inclusion as a post-launch weapon line. What do you think about this week’s screenshot? Agree that this is probably a 4-man dungeon? Do you think this setting is within the swamps of Blackmarsh, or Valenwood, or perhaps some other area which I have not considered? Would you be excited if spears were added as a usable weapon type down the road? What types of mechanics would be interesting to see in the boss fight with the giant spider? Check out the full screenshot for a closer look, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.