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Now Hear This!

Now Hear This!

Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site



Great with Kids!


The White Gold Tower recently posted a bounty on all Scamps. Apparently, Khajiit merchants have been
running an unauthorized Scamp breeding and sales operation, selling their farm-raised Scamp as pets to
many unwary buyers. If you come across any citizens that posses these Scamp, notify the Imperial
Authorities immediately.

Happenings At Tamriel Foundry

The Obsidian Brotherhood recently sent tribute to the Mages at Zenimax. The crafters from
Obsidian created intricately detailed Ouroboroses for the eatting enjoyment of the Mages.

Below, Elder Mage Firor can be seen displaying one of the delicate treats.

Obsidian Gift

“Did the acolytes test these for poison?”

Below, some of the Zenimax Acoloytes test the treats, to ensure they are not poisoned.

Taste Test

“What are we supposed to do with these?”

Happenings from the ESO Community

Bethesda takes strides in fostering a multi-species work environment by hiring a Khajiit Marketing professional. (Nod to @Arreles for the find)

That Is All!


33 responses to “TF Crier – All About the Ouroboros!”

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    Kaan Ulfbrandr


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    Ebonheart Dragonknight

    Legacy of the Companions

    Another great summary of the news this week Grimalkin! Those Ouroboroses look tasty. A pretty cool idea by the Obsidian Brotherhood, and the Scamps look awesome. Other than that, you did well at getting this amount of news, as it has been a bit of a slow week!

    The Khajit thing was hilarious! Although I only know what the video was because I saw it on the Shoddycast a few days ago, before my YouTube went crazy yesterday….

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    Lord Ward


    Total Posts: 25

    Nord Dragonknight

    wut did I just see?

    Lord Ward


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    Total Posts: 1230

    Orc Templar

    Quiet week I see…thanks for the round-up, Grimalkin! :) Hoping we get some more news to discuss soon.

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    Total Posts: 342

    Nord Templar

    Discover Eventide

    Silly khajiit, wonder how he’ll react when he sees a dog….
  5. Profile Photo
    Kaan Ulfbrandr


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    Ebonheart Dragonknight

    Legacy of the Companions

    @Inphase Hear hear! Lets axe the kitty in the back! It was a funny joke though…

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    Total Posts: 137

    Dunmer Sorcerer

    1. I want 1 of those sweets

    2. Bethesdas marketing looks great

    Respect creates friendships, Loyalty binds them. Hlaevi Family motto. 

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    Total Posts: 82

    Nord Dragonknight

    Pet Scamps??????????? WTF

    that aint possible

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    Total Posts: 575

    Argonian Templar


    The scamps look great!

  9. Member Avatar
    Dave MG


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    Khajiit Nightblade


    the scamps looks great cant what till this game comes out :D

    You diss the Khajiit your on my list 

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    Total Posts: 837

    Dunmer Nightblade

    I’m surprise you found what you did. TY for the update.

    I am all that is, all that was, and all that will be

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    Orc Dragonknight

    Tamriel’s Finest

    well i must say, that might have been one of the most odd weekly criers yet, yet still awesome to even be able to find something like that.

    Tamriel’s Finest, the guild for real hero’s and kings!

    Join us today!

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    Dunmer Sorcerer

    Knights of Dawn

    I’m going to somehow get a hold of one of those Ouroboros or even make one myself and I’ll eat Daggerfell first… Down with Emeric and glory to the Scamps!

    ”How would you combat evil? Would to accept evil into your heart and destroy the greater evil, or would you stand steadfast and just even if it means you could never truly defeat the evil before you?” – Lelouch Vi Britannia

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    Breton Templar


    Apparently, Khajiit merchants have been running an unauthorized Scamp breeding and sales operation, selling their farm-raised Scamp as pets to many unwary buyers. If you come across any citizens that posses these Scamp, notify the Imperial Authorities immediately.

    In defense, this one had too much time in Skyrim to remember what a Scamp looks like.  Thought these open-mouthed creatures were riled up due to the lack of a good home.


    Now that has been cleared up, who wants a Scamp to use for weapon or spell practice?

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    Love Marketing

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    Total Posts: 14

    Altmer Sorcerer

    Chocolate Ouroboroses?!? *Throws money at screen*

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    Umaril the Unfeathered


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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Bethesda really ought to hire M’aiq the Liar for marketing.

    Oh wait…he’s already employed for the Forums.

    Chocolate Ouroboros?  Do they possibly come with…caramel inside?

    *Formerly known by the username ”GarlasMalatar”*

    ”What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”Paarthurnax

    ”Shanta, ehlno.  Tyavoy balangua!” ~ Umaril the Unfeathered

    ”Welcome, Nerevar. Together we shall speak for the Law and the Land and shall drive the mongrel dogs of the Empire from Morrowind.” ~ Dagoth Ur

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Such a slow week. Hopefully things will get a little crazy here soon.

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    Boromir WolfsBane


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    Nord Templar


    the Scamps look more violent then ever this should be great!!! :) and raising scamps that is a little weird. :)


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    Total Posts: 25

    Dunmer Sorcerer

    Knights of the Pact

    Awesome image of the Scamp :)

    OH sorry didn’t mean to kill you I didn’t see you there.

    Join the Ravenguard if you are in the Pact do you think you can handle the awesomeness?  :)

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    Imperial Templar

    Daggerfall Authority

    Pfft hiring a Khajiit, stupid.


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