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Now Hear This!

Now Hear This!

Communiques from the White Gold Tower – Updates from the Official ESO Site

The White Gold Tower released an official response to several questions posed by those seeking to extract the riches that surely can be found in the many dungeons located throughout the land. Many of these notices, posted throughout the the land, apparently had hand-written advertisements for ‘Dungeon Delving Insurance’. When asked about these adverts, the White Gold Tower representative we sought out indicated that such adverts are not sanctioned and should be disregarded. Though the representative would not identify the culprits, several readers of the illicit ads indicated that many of the postings had fine, uniform claw marks at the bottom of each one.

Happenings At Tamriel Foundry
The front of the shirt, with signatures!

Signed by Zenimax Mages!

In celebration of TF welcoming it’s 10,000th citizen, Archduke Atropos has decided to allow citizens the opportunity to compete for an official ESO tabbard, signed by several Zenimax mages. All entries can be submitted until the end of July. On July 31st, a winner will be chosen.

Happenings from the ESO Community

“Yes, this will improve your stamina…”

The Mage Sage recently suspended all official imperial trade routes and markets. Sage calls for guilds to establish regional trade routes and markets to help avoid monopolies and to curb banditry along the many trade routes across the land. Many Khajiit caravan masters responded by seeking out the Brotherhood to silence Sage. It has been a few days since we have had any further communications from the Mage Sage since the announcement.

The scholars, from the province of Shoddy, have created an informational scrying mirror discussing the history and culture of the Ayleids. The scyring mirror will be on display in TF square next week! Those interested in learning more about the Ayleids are encouraged to attend one of the viewings.

That Is All!