ESO Shot: Ep. 6 – Instanced Adventure Zones!

Welcome to the 6th episode of The ESO Shot, a light hearted quick down and dirty show about anything relevant in the Elder Scrolls Online Community. The ESO Shot is hosted by me (Sparhawk), and this week we’ll talk about Adventure Zones and other small tidbits from the Paul Sage Questions and Answers over at MMORPG! We still haven’t gotten 10K views on my last video but we are damn close.

Should any ESO Shot get over 10,000 views, I’ll be giving away an Orbweaver Gamepad from Razer! Lastly, I’ll be answering any and all of your questions on the next ESO Shot, so leave me your questions on the comments below, or at the Tamriel Foundry site. If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to have a chance at winning that epic prize!

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