The ESO Shot: Episode 5 – ESO vs GW2!

Welcome to the 5th episode of The ESO Shot, a light-hearted quick down and dirty show about anything relevant in the Elder Scrolls Online community.   The ESO Shot is hosted by me (@Sparhawk), and this week we’ll be comparing ESO and GW2!  After destroying last week’s challenge, I’ve decided to issue another challenge to you, the viewers.  If this video or any following ESO Shots get 10,000 views, I’ll be giving away an Orbweaver Gamepad from Razer!  If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to have a chance at winning that epic prize!  Congratulations to William Conner, the winner of last week’s prize, the BlackWidow Elite Keyboard, from Razer.  Enjoy!


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  • Host: Sparhawk
  • Special Guest: The Wife’s Scrapbooking Room


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