The ESO Shot: Episode 5 – ESO vs GW2!

Welcome to the 5th episode of The ESO Shot, a light-hearted quick down and dirty show about anything relevant in the Elder Scrolls Online community.   The ESO Shot is hosted by me (@Sparhawk), and this week we’ll be comparing ESO and GW2!  After destroying last week’s challenge, I’ve decided to issue another challenge to you, the viewers.  If this video or any following ESO Shots get 10,000 views, I’ll be giving away an Orbweaver Gamepad from Razer!  If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to have a chance at winning that epic prize!  Congratulations to William Conner, the winner of last week’s prize, the BlackWidow Elite Keyboard, from Razer.  Enjoy!


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  • Host: Sparhawk
  • Special Guest: The Wife’s Scrapbooking Room


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52 responses to “The ESO Shot: Episode 5 – ESO vs GW2!”

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    Imperial Nightblade


    Haven’t gotten around to playing GW2, but if you think ESO will be better then an already great game, this is good! :)

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    Dunmer Nightblade

    Entropy Rising

    another great video, dude.

    ” If you wish to make a fight boring, make it fair.”

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    Ebonheart Templar

    Tamriel Foundry Community

    Looks like someone else read the ESO is GW2 set in Tamriel thread. Hopefully after the less constructive posts were purged :D

    Relax, I’m only being serious.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Mages of Aldmeri Dominion

    I haven’t played GW2 or ESO but i think ESO is till better and nice video

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    Mostly Harmless

    Thank you gentlemen!

    ”Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” -Vince Lombardi


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    Altmer Templar

    Entropy Rising

    I didn’t like it!

    …ok I lied. It was good. Now send me that orb weaver, I’ve been wanting one =P

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    Good video! it’s really informative :)

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    Dunmer Sorcerer

    Haven’t played GW2, but based on what you just said it sounds like ESO will be succesfull and it still has room for improvement.

    Respect creates friendships, Loyalty binds them. Hlaevi Family motto. 

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    The Gray Watcher


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    Nord Dragonknight

    Sparhawk, you need to just start up a video blog and talk sense to all of the angry, ignorant people out there trying to bad mouth and troll ESO for no good reason. Maybe you can try to get more people to watch too by giving away a prize? You could also bring on special guests onto the blog some times too.

    I was joking above obviously! Great job as usual man, keep it up!

      Now going by The Gray Watcher, TGW, Gray, The Gray Tank, and The Gray Warden. Pick a name or invent a new one people!

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    Orc Dragonknight

    Mostly Harmless

    Nice video and I am a Veteran Myself. I am currently playing Tera and really enjoying there combat style. The thing I dislike about Tera and what I love about Elder Scrolls is female armor…., but hey some people like that style of gaming. I am very happy that even though we are several months out from ESO launch we have dedicated gamers making shows like this for other gamers to enjoy and discuss.

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    Nord Dragonknight

    Thank you sir.


    Our greatest strength is the adversity we have overcome.


    Our resolve is glacial, our might is forged in fire, and our courage, cultivated by the beasts of the jungle.


    We are Ebonheart.

    We are as one.


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    This one enjoyed The ESO Shot: Episode 5!


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    Breton Nightblade

    I have played GW2 ever since it launched, and honestly it feels like its dieing on me. I just can’t WAIT for ESO to come out and fill in the gap that GW2 has left for me. ELDER SCROLLS FOR THE WIN!!!

    Got an arrow in the knee? Not my fault. Totally not my fault… It was Toby’s… And his dog… That uses a blowgun.

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    Bosmer Templar

    you killed again hawk man :-)

    ”Life is a benediction book with ashy palms upon the floor,unreadable”

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    Lord Dormak


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    Breton Templar

    Knights of the Eight

    Will you be able to block with a bow? It would be a bit strange if you could…

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    Great video.  Thanks for the insightful comparisons.  My wife and I tried GW2 but couldn’t get into it. This video actually helped me identify some of the things that may have been underlying system issues that kept us away.

    Llonyd – lumberjack warrior (UO; 4 yrs)

    Fryr – RR9 Valewalker of Galahad (DAOC; 4-5 yrs)

    Fryr – Cow druid of Mannoroth (among many others) (WoW; 8.5 yrs)

    Gettin’ to be an old fart

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    The comparison made was good and I agree with everything in the video but ESO will only do good (lots of people online) if they have end game content which at the moment sounds as if there wont be much  and so it wont really bring you back. On the other hand we have a year to wait and they could announce some really good end game stuff.

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    Mostly Harmless

    @Nutjomes Watch episode 4 brother!  It should answer all your end game questions.

    ”Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” -Vince Lombardi


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    Aldmeri Sorcerer


    HOOAH! bird man, great videos keep up the good work.

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    Imperial Templar

    The Great House Iron Wolf

    Ok lol I wasn’t the only one who thought “dude for a nerd this guy is BUILT like he can take down an elephant is he in the military?”.  Thanks for the video/s @Sparhawk !

    Winter is coming. 

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